Seasonal messages from Cayman Islands government

Meat safety

In Cayman, traditional Christmas dishes often include fresh local meat and to satisfy the increase in demand during the festive season, local butchers usually slaughter more animals. To ensure the delivery of safe meat to the consumers, butchers are reminded that the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Environmental Health are the two agencies responsible for undertaking inspections to ensure that safety standards are met.

Ante-mortem inspection, which is the examination of all animals prior to slaughter, must be carried out by the Department of Agriculture. Followed by post-mortem (after slaughter) inspection by DEH, which determines whether the carcasses are deemed safe for human consumption.

Both departments must be contacted at least 48 hours ahead of the proposed slaughter time. For ante-mortem inspections, Department of Agriculture staff can be contacted on 947-3090 and for post-mortem inspections, DEH can be contact at 949-6696. Due to the large number of requests, butchers are reminded that they should call early to schedule inspections.

“The public is reminded that for their health own health and safety, they should be vigilant and desist from purchasing and or consuming meat from animals that haven’t been inspected and passed fit for food by the DEH” states Senior Food Safety Officer Gideon Simms. “In cases where local meat is being offered for sale without DEH certification, DEH should be notified immediately as this is against the law.

Bulk waste cleanup

The Ministry of District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture through the Department of Environmental Health’s has commenced its annual bulk waste clean-up campaign.

The DEH bulk waste pick-up schedule for the Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are as follows:-

East End / North Side Districts – 17 to 24 November.

Bodden Town District – 26 November to 1 December.

George Town District – 3 to 8 December.

West Bay District – 10 to 15 December.

Little Cayman – 19 to 23 November.

Cayman Brac – 26 to 30 November.

Bulk waste should be placed on the curbside where they can be accessed by DEH trucks but not block or obstruct traffic. Bulk waste includes items such as household appliances, furniture, and yard waste. These are items not handled by normal DEH residential garbage bi-weekly collection.

All metals and vegetative waste should be separated from the rest of the bulk waste items. Metal items include old appliances, metal furniture, metal roofing; vegetative waste includes all plant trimming and tree branches.

Construction and demolition debris will not be collected as they are not considered bulk waste and therefore is not part of the bulk waste clean-up campaign.

Residents are reminded that items should not be put out after the above dates as DEH crews will not be returning to an area once it has been cleaned.

For further information, in Grand Cayman contact the DEH solid waste dispatch unit at 949-8793; in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman contact DEH Cayman Brac office at 948-2321.

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