Online poll: Most have no confidence in UDP

More than 75 per cent of respondents to last week’s online poll said they have no faith in the ruling United Democratic Party government in the Cayman Islands.  

Of the 643 total respondents, 487 of them – 75.7 per cent – when asked how much confidence they had in the existing UDP government responded “none”. 

“Why do you even have to ask?” commented one person. 

“The only thing they have accomplished it to increase the cost of living,” said someone else. 

“They lost me with the expat tax plan, which, had it been implemented, would have undone decades of building the financial services industry,” said another respondent.  

“It’s the worst government we have ever had, by far,” said one person. 

“I am extremely confident that this UDP government has risen to new levels of incompetence never achieved by any previous governments,” echoed someone else. 

“The UDP has done essentially nothing … but to waste the public’s money and to cause damage and havoc for our country,” said another person. 

“We must stop their abuse of power come May 2013,” wrote someone else. 

“They should stand up and be men especially those in the back bench,” commented one person. “They just go along with whatever the leader says, even when they don’t like it. Tell a wise man why you disagree with him and he will be wiser still.” 

The vote against the UDP government was not a vote for the People’s Progressive Movement or the independent Legislative Assembly members, judging by several of the comments.  

“Absolutely none!” said one person about their confidence in the UDP. “And neither do I have any confidence in the leader of the opposition nor Ezzard Miller.” 

“The PPM was terrible, but these guys have found a way to be worse,” said someone else. 

“But I also have zero confidence in the PPM,” said another respondent. “It is time to stop thinking we need a two-party system. What we need is candidates who run and by popular vote are elected to be our representatives. The position of premier should be voted on separately. We can trace our bloated ineffectual government directly to the introduction of a party system. Dump it!” 

“I have zero confidence in anyone in government except Ezzard and Arden,” noted one person. 

“There is no place for party politics in a country this size,” said someone else. 

Another 74 respondents – 11.5 per cent – said they had a little confidence in the UDP government.  

“I have little confidence in the UDP or the PPM,” said one person. “Cayman desperately needs a change of leadership in 2013.” 

“I say a little, because now they are being more closely watched by the FCO,” commented someone else. 

“A little more than the other set of jokers, but that’s not saying much,” said another person. 

“No worse or better than the PPM,” said one respondent. 

Fifty-one people, 7.9 per cent, said they had a lot of confidence in the UDP government.  

“No others to choose from,” said one person. “Sorry Alden’s PPM.” 

“I’m worried more about the damage PPM does to business and internationally with the CNS blog and Rooster show,” said someone else. Twenty-eight people – 4.4 per cent – responded “I don’t know” to the question.  

“Politicians divide people, but you should support your present leadership, otherwise you can’t achieve your goal,” said one of those people. “Caymanians should unite behind their leader.” 

Three people – 0.5 per cent – responded “other” to the question. 

“About as much as the PPM,” said one person. 

“Time for new faces in our parliament – representatives that truly care for Cayman,” said someone else. “PPM put our country into a deep hole and the UDP had a good chance to take us out but only sank us deeper instead.” 

“What is the point,” asked another respondent. “I cannot vote.” 


Next week’s poll question 

How much spending on Christmas will you do this year? 

A lot more than usual 

A little more than usual 

The same as usual 

A little less than usual 

A lot less than usual  

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  1. With Bush at the helm, I am totally surprised that only 75% said they were poisoned with him.

    The most dangerous thing in the world of governance is somebody with little or no intelligence, and a lot of power. They think they can do, and know everything. Combine that with arrogance and no respect,and you have Mr. Bush. I doubt that his family will even vote for him.

    I would also doubt that once ousted, and he will be, there will be a line up of the business minds of Cayman to offer him a job.

    I am one of the people that Mr. Bush challenged at the Mary Miller Hall some time ago to sue him for simply breaking a written contract when the government was taking measures to decrease its deficit. I will not likely get back the money taken from me by the Bush government but I will have the last laugh when he’s out on his butt.

    Parting will be such sweet sorrow and Bush will see first hand the taste of crow.

  2. One thing I believe,is that most of these online post is foreigners. Besides which ever of them are Caymanians, I am sure they are going to get exactly what they are looking for come May, when they try and change the Government. Have you seen yet in the Cayman Islands that Caymanians are satisfied with any Government? No those cut throats are only for you once you are lining their business and personal pockets with gold. Caymanians are the most twisted minded greedy people I have ever came upon. Every four years they are dissatisfied with what ever government. Never satisfied. Mr Bush is not going to be voted out, I am sure of it. However if he does not be Premier next year, I am very sure he will have some peace of mind to fold his hands, relax and laugh at what will take place.

  3. Hunter On

    Yes we is foreigners. We read the paper and want to know whats going on in the country where we work.

    As for your offer to bet, please let me know where we can meet to place the wager.

    As for your observation about politicians, you are right.

  4. I have been reading a lot of Old Cay Compass articles over the last few weeks, and I have to agree with one thing Hunter says is that ‘Every four years they are dissatisfied with whatever government’. I do believe the UDP will be ousted at the next election, but the problem is that will leave the PPM in charge again and the same type of madness will go on with politicians pitting Caymanians against one another. That in fighting really fuels their control over the populous. It seems that Cayman has been manipulated for decades by the same group of people all vying for control and basically taking turns playing king of the hill, when all they really care about is that the other doesn’t get their way, weather it hurts Cayman or not. No different than a bunch of 5 Year olds fighting over a tree house to the point that they destroy it.

    Reading about meeting in the LA, all you see is one group offering and Idea and another group criticizing it. This same thing seems to go on and on over and over while nothing ever gets done.

    What Cayman needs is a government full of people who are all willing to work together for the betterment of Cayman not two competing teams both trying to win the game at any cost.

    Not that Obama is the best president out there and I personally don’t agree with a lot of his policies but he one thing he did that impressed me when he first got elected was to welcome republicans not just democrats into his fold as well.

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