Ref course starts

The Cayman Islands referees department is conducting a beginners referees course for all interested people.

The football scene in Cayman is growing rapidly but there are not enough officials to comfortably cover all the games.

The course starts on Monday 26 November at George Town Primary school at 6.30pm and runs throughout the week.

Derrick Williams, president of the Cayman Islands Referees Association, said: “We are specifically looking for people between the ages of 18 and 35 both males and females to be trained and certified.

“There has been a progressive decline in the number of referees in the association due to several extraneous factors.

The referees department and the Cayman Islands Referees Association is undertaking this drive which will be ongoing through 2013 to bring our membership back up to the acceptable levels.”

For more information contact Mr Williams on [email protected] 
or phone 925-6435 or 926-7575

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