Taking exception with stance

I write this letter with concerns about what took place last Monday evening at the C4C meeting in the AL Thompson parking lot with regard to the well known media personality, Mr. Austin Harris.

As a former journalist for the people of the Cayman Islands, I understood what my role was and the level of honesty that was expected of me due to the position I held. In the field of journalism, you are expected to be true, un-biased, fair and never use the platform/position for personal use or gain.

I’m afraid that due to much of what was said by Mr. Harris on the night in question, I believe his credibility has and must come in to question. In his position as the host of the well-known talk show on Rooster FM, he has the ability to persuade, influence and even mislead the people of the Cayman Islands. The “Rooster show” has become a major source of information of what is happening in our country especially, on popular political topics. And, in considering the actions of Mr. Harris on Monday night, I feel that he may now have compromised his role in the media and may possibly be unable to continue in his position as an objective journalist.

In a time such as now, the people of the Cayman Islands need clear, clean, unbiased facts and commentary to make an informed decision on how and who to vote for in the next general election.

That being said, I think it is only right that Mr. Harris explain to the people of the Cayman Islands what his position is as it pertains to political involvement with the C4C, if there is any intention by him to support any candidates and/or if he plans to run himself.

This is going to become a greater challenge after Monday night’s meeting, particularly when borne in mind that the Rooster radio station is owned by Randy Merren, who is a founding member of the C4C.

The Hurley’s Group has provided quality information for the people of the Cayman Islands for many years and I do not believe it should be compromised by the actions of Mr. Harris.

These comments are made solely on my behalf and not a reflection of the Progressive party.

Kenneth Bryan


  1. Mr. Bryan

    As a declared political activist yourself and former journalist, you are being naive with these comments.

    I don’t live in Cayman now so I only have your views as a platform to respond to and to gaige the political environment in which they have been made.

    Obviously, if this new C4C party (I don’t care what they wish to call themselves, if they are a political group,they are a political party)is founded by the Merren family, then Rooster can be used as their political media vehicle.

    They own it, they can do as they wish with it and Austin Harris works for them; he has to fulfill the dictates of his bosses if he wants to keep his job.

    Are you sure there are not some political rivalry issues that have motivated these comments of yours ?

  2. I believe the comments made by Kenneth Bryan are valid and ought to be of concern to every radio listener. If Mr Harris is a candidate with political aspirations toward the election in 2013 that needs to be presented to the public.

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