Old tricks played again

All kinds of ways are now being put in place to get the people’s minds off of what is really going on here on our beloved Cayman; try to keep them drunk from now to the elections right around the corner, people of Cayman, because of bad leadership the people will be led astray.

We are living in an age and time when it is possible to move all of our people forward with a safe and proper upliftment of all our people. Millions and more millions go wasted that could pay for so many good programmes for our people. Oh, that old trick that has been played on my people for some time now must be put to an end. When you put yourself in a position that because you are drunk and do not understand what is going on around you, then you can make a lot of mistakes. The Cayman Islands has come a long way, but as I see it, Cayman has not moved in the proper direction for many, many years now. For Islands that have so much coming in, we should be having no type of national problems here, but we do. Why? Because the so-called planners for Cayman’s future are still living in the 1930s in their minds and just to bring them up to speed, we are living in the age when Obama controls the land of the Eagle. We must not make anymore mistakes with the Cayman Islands and its people. Present and future leaders of this land, put your people and Island and our real culture first. Only by these things, respected by the leaders of Cayman, can we move forward and work together – Caymanians and outsiders – to build a better Cayman for all, while at the same time preserving our culture and putting our people and Islands in a better position in the world and perhaps we will not have to borrow money from anyone, anywhere and our people will not be living with a high level of crime.

But if for some reason the old trick is once again played on the people, then you can expect anything to happen here and God help us all.

God gave wisdom unto man; use it.

Emile S. Levy

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