Humbuggin’ it up in the hubs

As we find ourselves in the heart of the holiday season, we here at the Weekender sense that some of you may be feeling weary of that “Christmas spirit”; the inexplicable, overly gleeful demeanour that is fine in small doses, but begins to grate after a few weeks.

Perhaps it’s the barrage of holiday specials on television that gets to you, or maybe it’s the looping of overly joyful Christmas pop looping on the radio that does it. Whatever the reason, it’s understandable you might be in need of a break. So we compiled a list of non-Christmas related events that are only a flight away.

For example, a small band you may have heard of before called The Rolling Stones are playing in New York on Saturday, 8 December. You can see them live for yourself for a minimum of $274 after catching a Cayman Airways flight direct to LaGuardia airport. If you feel like ruining your family’s Christmas, you can spend the money you were going to use for your kids presents/college funds on the $16,000 ticket, which bags you the Level A suite all to yourself.

Culture? In Weekender? Surely not

If you’re in the mood for something closer to home and more culturally stimulating, the Weekender recommends you to visit Havana, Cuba, which is putting on its annual jazz festival from Monday to Thursday, 16 to 20 December. If you fancy a white Christmas, you can hop on a direct flight to Toronto, which we are led to believe is cold this time of year. In Toronto, you could treat yourself to a ticket to The Killers live show on Saturday, 15 December, for a mere $80 (or more if you’re feeling like sitting in the fancy seats.)

As you can see, there is something for everyone (as long as they cough up the dough to pay for it) and many of these events are good ways to relieve some of that holiday stress. Aside from the concerts in Miami, of course, primarily because you have to go through Miami International Airport in order to see them.

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