Leonie’s ‘Letters to the Rock’ coming soon

“Letters to the Rock”, Leonie Phoenix’s new book, is a collection of poems of various styles that cover a range of themes. Each poem is complemented by charcoal illustrations and artwork by the author herself.

Leonie is a devoted believer in God, but wants to stress that not all of her poems are exclusively religious.

“The poems tell of a spiritual journey from reliance on worldly concerns through a time of conflict, to the healing process, and eventual trust in ‘the True Rock,’ Jesus Christ,” Leonie says. “I hope that through sharing my experiences, I can help others find new meaning and purpose in their lives.”

The Weekender can offer a small glimpse at what to expect from the book, so be sure to pick it up if you like what you read.

Through the Wilderness

Through the wilderness

Of an ever changing will

Beats a steadfast heart

Words of comfort

My words of comfort,

Unappreciated, turn

Back to soothe my soul.

Finally some kindness

And understanding

Come my way,

Bringing healing in their path.

Trust in the Rock

It’s not for you to mock,

That I’ve tried to do God’s will,

Put my trust in the Rock,

And took a sour pill.

It was hard to swallow

But I’m carrying my cross.

I could easily wallow

In self-pity for my loss.

But the more I give glory,

The more I give praise,

He blesses my story

And enfolds all my days.

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