Half Iron will test the fittest

There are so many triathletes and weekend warriors in the Cayman Islands that he local triathlon association has created another.  

The Cayman Islands Triathlon Association is staging the 2013 Mercuryman Triathlon on 20 January, starting at 7am. 

The first Mercuryman Triathlon and Aquabike takes place at the Reef Resort. The Mercuryman Triathlon will be an extremely challenging event, as it is a Half Iron distance triathlon and consists of a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run.  

Athletes can also participate in the Aquabike event, which consists of a 1.2 mile swim and a 56 mile bike ride. The triathlon can be completed individually or as part of a relay team.  

There is also a special corporate division for the relay teams, where all members are part of the same company. 

The Mercuryman Triathlon is the only Half Iron distance triathlon in the Cayman Islands and one of only a few in the Caribbean.  

Justine Plenkiewicz is one of the organisers. She said: “The event has already attracted international attention, as we are expecting at least one professional triathlete to compete in the Half Iron distance triathlon.  

“In addition, on Saturday 19 January, Sue Aquila, who is an accomplished triathlete and coach at Endurance Corner will give a free presentation about race day strategy for the Half Iron distance triathlon. 

“Early entrants are Dean Gaffigan (several time Ironman finisher), Paul Schreiner (Ironman finisher and several time half Ironman finisher), Larry Walters has signed up for the Aquabike, Paul Drake, James Drury will be racing his first half Ironman, Gill Comins (several time half Ironman finisher), Dave and Carol Bell and Steve Clements who is a newbie to the Islands and an experienced triathlete. 

“We also have a super team consisting of Pam Abbott (swim), Steve Abbott (bike) and Dave Walker (run). Our pro triathlete is Guilherme Campos.  

“We are grateful to our partners, Cayman Airways and the Reef Resort, for working with us to provide a first class event for local and visiting triathletes.  

“All the details of the event can be found on our website www.mercurymantri.com or on our Facebook page. We are also looking for volunteers on race day.” 

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