Jeffers loses appeal, faces two more murder trials

Grand Court trials set for August and October

Having lost his appeal against conviction for the murder of Marcus Leon Ebanks in July 2009, Raziel Jeffers returned to Grand Court on Friday in connection with two other murder charges. 

Defence attorney Richard Barton told Justice Charles Quin that the Crown had “decided to press ahead with the additional matters”. On that basis the court’s listing officer had been consulted and trial dates were found that were convenient to senior counsel who would represent Jeffers, Mr. Barton advised. 

The first trial is for the murder of Damion Omar Ming on 25 March, 2010, at an address on Birch Tree Hill Road in West Bay. It is scheduled for 26 August through 6 September. 

The second trial is on an indictment that accuses Jeffers “together with other persons” of murdering Marcos Mauricio Guzman Duran at an address on Maliwinas Way, off North West Point Road, on 11 March, 2010. 

Last Monday, the Court of Appeal dismissed Jeffers’ appeal on grounds that were argued in July.  

However, the three-judge panel acknowledged that fresh evidence had been brought to attorneys’ attention after July. It concerned a report on gunshot residue. The court said it would allow a new ground of appeal to be applied for and new evidence adduced. 

On Friday, court president Sir John Chadwick announced that the judges had received a note from Jeffers’ lead counsel indicating that he saw no purpose in pursuing the matter further, since even if the arguments about gunshot residue succeeded, that would not change the decision of the court based on other grounds. 

The court released the reasons for its decisions in the appeals of Jeffers and of Leonard Antonio Ebanks, also for murder, in a joint judgment because of the argument both had raised about the appearance of bias in a judge-alone trial. The judgment will be reported in a separate story. 

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