Holiday health and wellness

Even Santa may be taking extra care of his health and weight this year – Cayman has certainly been abuzz with walks, marathons, health camps, boot camps, corporate wellness programmes, some sensible weight loss programmes and some not so sensible.

The true test for many on a weight-loss system comes during the next several weeks.

Maintaining a well-balanced and nutritious diet and controlling weight gain during the holidays does not have to leave one feeling deprived or miserable.

For hope-to-be losers who have chosen a weight loss method of cutting all carbohydrates from their diet, the seasonal delights will surely present significant challenges. Bear in mind that medical research shows that a nutritionally-balanced diet includes carbohydrates – the right kind of carbohydrates are essential. Many Christmas delights are carbohydrate based, high in sugar and fat.

Other seasonal challenges include: hard-to-resist treats coming to the office; delectable difficult-to-resist treats at home; more social functions with food and drink; late nights and less rest; increase in cocktail consumption; reduced motivation for keeping up activity; feeling overwhelmed and rushed; and having guests for the holidays.

With the right attitude and determination, you can make this Christmas season not one where all your hard work is undone in a matter of days.

The following lifestyle tips may help with maintaining your weight and health regime over Christmas:

Keep active and/or increase activity to balance extra calories;

Make a decision to be moderate – one slice is okay, two is one too many;

Maintain a healthy daily diet to compensate for the not-so-healthy choices;

Share too tempting foods with others;

Stay well hydrated with pure, natural water;

Be selective with food choices – at a buffet, choose the holiday special foods and skip everyday items;

Take time to rest and renew;

Withdraw from guests, family and friends in order to meditate upon your life during this pivotal time of year.

As we get ready to herald in a new year, may health, wellness, peace and prosperity bless you and your family.

Please direct any questions to Donna regarding your challenges during the Christmas season by e-mailing [email protected]

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