Books make perfect presents

It is also the perfect gift!

Welcome to December – the month to make a list, check it, revise it and drive yourself positively batty trying to find just the right gift for everyone. My gift to you is the answer to stress-free giving – give them a book! For your sister who throws the best parties – a book on entertaining. For the friend who has more stamps in their passport than stars in the sky – a guide book to a remote, obscure travel spot. For parents-to-be, history buffs, pet lovers or antique collectors, there is no interest or passion that someone, somewhere hasn’t written about.

As you might guess, I speak from personal experience. I have both given and received my fair share of books over the years! My father enjoys the novels of Tom Clancy and a new one would usually come out in summertime; one of us children would get it for him, usually for Father’s Day or his birthday. When we went to the cabin for holiday he would spend many an hour in a rocking chair happily engrossed in his newest present. When my college-aged son decided he was going to stop eating so much fast food, I sent him a cookbook of healthy recipes. Recently a friend decided to turn his talent for photography into a business. Guess what he got for his birthday? A how-to guide on marketing and selling your pictures. My nephews have a budding collection of signed books by children’s authors that will grow with them and hopefully be handed down to the next generation of McCluskey readers.

I’ve been the lucky recipient of many, many books – The Other Boleyn Girl, which sparked my curiosity in and eventual study of Tudor England; a guide to living overseas when I first started dreaming about moving here; a beginners’ guide to golf when I (briefly) took it up and a “dummy’s guide” to running (which lasted almost as long as my golf game). One of my most treasured possessions is a coffee table book called “Great Steps.” It is a gorgeous book of photographs of my old university, and when I left my friends and coworkers signed it with good luck messages. A lovely book on its own, it is the thought that makes the book truly priceless and why I tucked it in my suitcase when I moved here.

The best gift to give is one that says – I saw this and thought of you. And every time the recipient sees it they will think of you too. A book is the perfect way to make that happen.

Merry Christmas and happy reading!

Megan McCluskey moved to Cayman in January 2012 from New Jersey. A life-long reader and admitted book geek she is also a proud mom, pop culture junkie and die-hard fan of the New Jersey Devils. Megan can be found in-person at Books & Books in Camana Bay, online at [email protected] and every Sunday in a hammock with a good book or three.

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