Free introductory Pilates classes

Have you heard about Pilates but don’t know what it is? Or how to pronounce it? Now you can find out – and if you’re quick about it, it won’t cost you a cent.

Linzi Lou Swest has recently joined the team at Cayman Physiotherapy as a pilates teacher and, knowing that not everyone is familiar with pilates (and that some people’s exercise routines tend to get a little flaky around Christmas time) she decided to offer a series of introductory classes for free.

A new class schedule will begin in January and she will be offering around 12 classes per week – both level I and II – but before signing up, you can get a taste of what it’s all about at Pasadora Place.

This initial series of classes will introduce the pilates method and provide some background on how and why it came to be developed and then take participants through the fundamental exercises. It’s not a hot, sweaty kind of class, Linzi assures us, and there are only a few standing exercises, the rest are performed lying or sitting on the mat.

You’ll want to wear comfortable, yoga-type clothing – nothing too baggy as she needs to be able to observe your alignment – and bare feet.

Excellent for increasing core strength, flexibility and posture, regular practice of pilates can help to prevent back, neck and joint pain. Spaces are limited so you’ll need to book your place ahead of time.

To reserve your space call 949-8828 or 927-0753.

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