Mitel and LIME offer business communications solutions

LIME recently invited members of the business and information technology community to an informative presentation on Mitel communications solutions at the Westin on Wednesday, 28 November.  

The talk focussed on not just the traditional business PBX phone systems that Mitel offers, but also on the industry shift to virtualised and cloud-based unified communications and collaboration applications.  

Mitel is at the forefront of this evolution with its portfolio of products, Mitel Virtual Solutions, that offers all the functionality and features of Mitel’s award-winning traditional unified communications solutions, but delivered as a range of virtual appliances. These virtual appliances are software-based and can be deployed alongside other virtual applications in VMware-enabled data centres. 

Keynote speaker Fred Stacey, director of product management at Mitel Networks, introduced the audience to some of the different options available within Mitel Virtual Solutions to corporate clients, based on their requirements and range of needs. He highlighted the importance of a thorough consultation by a qualified Mitel partner, such as LIME, to ensure that customers are provided with a solution that meets their requirements but also is scalable and flexible enough to support future growth and development. 

Dwayne Mellaneo, head of corporate sales for LIME in the Cayman Islands, said, “We’re pleased to join with Mitel to host a seminar for our business customers. Our relationship with Mitel has grown over 25 years. We have largest number of Mitel-certified technicians on the Islands and with more than 120 successful Mitel installations in place, we are ideally placed to assist customers in transitioning their businesses – large or small – into this new era of virtualised and cloud technology.” 

Some of the key reasons it was suggested that a business in the Cayman Islands should consider moving to a virtualised communications system included the increasing cost of electricity in Cayman. Virtualisation allows a company to consolidate their business and communications software applications onto a smaller number of servers and consequently reduce not only the amount of power required to run their servers, but also the power required to cool their data centre. This consolidation also reduces the amount of physical rackspace needed and allows a business to reallocate some of their office space for other purposes.  

In the extreme case, virtualisation technology could be extended to allow a business to move most, if not all, of their data centre off-premises to be hosted and managed by a telecommunications partner. Another reason is disaster recovery. Those living in the Cayman Islands are only too aware of the personal and business hazards involved in living in the hurricane belt.  

Virtualisation allows a business to easily keep a backup copy of their communications system in either a highly secure, category 5 hurricane rated facility, like LIME’s One Technology Square in George Town, or even off-island. Such technology allows businesses to quickly recover, from anywhere in the world, in the event of a national disaster like a hurricane.  

Virtualisation simplifies the management of the business communications software for a company’s information technology staff. VMWare VMotion technology is just one example of the increased functionality from which IT departments will be able to benefit.  

One of the key attributes of Mitel’s technology is that it applies a consistent approach to their functionality across their product portfolios. Businesses are flexible to be able to purchase a more traditional Mitel PBX phone system, like the Mitel 3300, and gradually move in time toward a virtual solution, without having to make staff have to adjust to a whole new end-user experience. 

LIME’s partnership with Mitel, which in turn is partnered with virtual giant VMware, means that state-of-the-art communications options are available to companies in the Cayman Islands. Security, disaster recovery, flexibility and powerful communications resources come together to offer an impressive package that can be designed to work with any network, infrastructure or platform. 

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