Premier: UK should help Cayman

The Cayman Islands has taken its fair share of “licks” – as Premier McKeeva Bush might describe it – in the international community over the last few years.  

Mr. Bush asked United Kingdom leaders last week in London why Mother England wasn’t stepping in to protect Cayman and other overseas territories when such criticisms arose.  

During the Joint Ministerial Council meeting in London last week, Premier Bush made the case to UK Overseas Territories Minister Mark Simmonds for the British government to help defend international financial centres from “unfair attack”.  

“I … have a plea for the UK government,” Mr. Bush said. “We don’t want aid or handouts, but we want you to speak up for us in Europe and other international fora.”  

The premier also said it was important for the UK “not to strangle the territories with the red tape which was being cut in Britain”.  

The Joint Ministerial Council is the annual meeting of the remaining British Overseas Territories and the UK administrators, typically held in December each year.  

In addition to the two-day Joint Ministerial Council, Premier Bush also held separate meetings with Minister Simmonds, other UK ministers and met briefly with British Prime Minister David Cameron. 


  1. The Premier is the worst attacker on the Cayman Finance Centre. When he started his EX PAT tax campaign he scared 1000’s off investors off.

    THIS WILL BE HIS LEGACY. His party should not let him speak in public anymore.

  2. I agree with our worst Premier, the Uk should tighten the screws on this governments waste of money on trips to China and other countries that his cabinet takes. I thank the UK for cracking down on the Premier’s China contract that would sold our country’s infrastructure with a secret deal.

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