Setting the record straight

The Coalition for Cayman is committed to promoting the understanding and need to bring objectivity, balance and accountability to the Legislative Assembly and thus governance of the country as a whole. This is severely lacking when the pendulum swings too far in any one party direction. Independent leaders play a vital role in bringing about a balanced approach, and holding the Government accountable.

C4C will endorse independent candidates and leaders who are committed to working together in the best interest of the country and our people, putting Country First.

As individuals, many C4C executive members are proud to have served and currently serve the country on numerous boards at the request of both parties. We have previously contributed to individuals in BOTH parties. Those individuals were people who we thought were independent thinkers, who would stand up for what is in the best interest of the Country. We did this in hopes it would have led to a better Cayman. But sadly, due to the effect of partisan politics it has not. We have learned our lesson. Even independent thinkers in a party are stifled by party leaders who put party first. That is why we are looking for independent candidates with integrity and proven leadership qualities that will put the people of the Country First.

Our current “two-party system” has become a partisan dictatorship that has led to a decade of overspending and unprecedented debt. The Coalition for Cayman is committed to endorsing fiscally-responsible, proven, accountable leadership to provide government services without risking further financial burden on citizens and businesses.

And we know, like us, there are many Caymanians who previously supported the registered parties who are frustrated with the state of our Country. We invite you to join us as we work together to restore our future and put Country First.

Coalition for Cayman


  1. The C4C need to understand that their existance threatens the PPM and the expectation of ongoing attacks needs to be understood clearly. The PPM are afraid that the C4C will split the opposition vote and PPM candidates will suffer.
    I would prefer to hear solutions from the various options as the basis for deciding who has the vision and solutions to deal with the country’s problems.

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