The public reacts

What do you think about the arrest of Premier McKeeva Bush Tuesday morning on charges of theft, breach of trust, abuse of office and conflict of interest? – Photos: Stuart Wilson, Jewel Levy 


  1. Arrogance cannot be explained.

    As for Mr. Solomon’s comments, here is yet another example of somebody thinking with their heart and not their head.

    For one brief moment, do you think the RCIP has taken this action without foundation. If you do,the phrase that he’s a good man is brought to a new level.

    In any world, to save the face and reputation of the Cayman Islands, Bush needs to be ousted if he’s to arrogant to resign. What else needs to be known about this man.

  2. I have the uttermost respect for the Premier of these Islands, and I sincerely believe that pure pressure thrumpted up allegations are just to demeanor and sadden this man. Also pushers of this is Hell Bent on destroying this Island. This man has gone way and beyond the call of duty to help Cayman and its people. The Premier is a very good man, good heart and a forgiving spirit. Caymanians will soon realize what they have done when it is too late. I respect that man and all those who are wishing bad on him need to be very careful, because there are good honest people praying. Cayman Premier in my eyes is Cayman Idol and we love him. God Bless Him.

  3. As Mr Bush has often said or implied, he will answer to his Maker, who will of course, judge him at the Last Trump – with all the rest of us who have put up with this pantomime for so long.

  4. It doesn’t matter what feelings there are regarding the PERSON – it IS the APPEARANCE OF IMPROPRIETY that MUST dictate Mr. Bush’s leaving office ASAP and with a sincere (if possible) apology for his actions causing this attention to our islands.

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