New leadership a must

Elections are not too far away and as it is about six months or so away, the people of the Cayman Islands need to take time and understand the position your Islands and your life are in at present and how we all got here.

We all know about what it means for you to be better and what it means to be worse, but most of us don’t understand what it is to be the very best. Well, this is mostly what I am writing about.

We need the very best leadership leading these Islands in order for our Islands and its people to be the very best. We need people with very good educations, very good vision, very good plans, very good knowledge of how this world works, very good love for these Islands and all the people; not because they want to get elected to make a lot of money or because they want power.

For years now we have elected people to be our leaders for the wrong reason. Take a very good look at who we have been electing term after term and what has been happening to all of us. Ask yourself just how good we have done in the area of betterment for the Islands and all our people.

We still do not have a proper cruise ship dock. I can remember still some of the promises of the late Haig Bodden when he spoke at one of his meetings. Oh, he said I will put one of the best boat docks in Bodden Town when I am elected. We, the people of Bodden Town, know how long that took. Up until this day we still do not have that dock.

We have, in the year 2012, a boat ramp, but still no dock. This is an example of bad leadership in our country.

We all know just how long the cruise ship dock has supposed to have been in lace. An example of this is when Cayman was listed as the best place in the world to bank money; Rotan, Honduras, was not even a tourist destination. Rotan is not only at present a tourist destination, but they have gone ahead of Cayman, so much that our leadership has to go there to see it for themselves and try to understand how they did it. Well, it should be very clear to all of us why Rotan, Honduras, has a cruise ship dock and Cayman is still talking about it.

It is because Cayman, for many years, has not stepped up to the plate and looked into the future, for if the leadership did this and instead of selfish thinking just to stay elected, they all would have by now the very best cruise ship dock in Cayman.

We have wasted millions on the wrong things like the paving of private roads; foolish spending on things we do not need. No one spends money to buy gas and put it in tanks before they buy the car. You first buy the car then go to the stations and gas it up. The two party system will do whatever it takes to keep the power between them.

That is why election after election the same people maintain the leadership in this country. That good old boys club is not in any way good for us. We need a coalition government in this country made up of a cross section of people that are new also, that can help put together the necessary and proper government to take these Islands forward. As for the present leader of the country, McKeeva Bush, you need to step aside.

Not only should he step aside, he should take the rest of his party members with him as well as the speaker of the House.

Look at our country in the backward state it is in. For four years now the UDP has been blaming the PPM. Each time the LA is in session, that is all we hear; pure Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Duck stories.

Like I said, people of the Cayman Islands, it is time for us to move this country forward in the right direction and for us to do so, we must get rid of the party system. We must not fail. Our whole future depends on better leadership for us all.

Recently the premier of the Turks and Caicos was arrested. Now Mr. Bush has been arrested.

He is no different than any of us. If he committed a crime, then if found guilty, punish him, but at the same time, if he is found not guilty, set him free. As for the present minister of education, please have enough decency to step down. Most drunk drivers go to Northward, their driver’s licence is taken away and sometimes they are fined a large sum of money.

Now to the chairman of the PPM, no one supported the PPM more than me, but we have to get rid of the dead weight that is there in the PPM leadership. We have members inside the PPM that are only there to collect and waste time. Also, they always call a spade a spade if it is so, and I know that it is so. If it was not so, the Action Man, Mr. Arden McLean from East End would not have done what he did.

Remember the part I played with the PPM election after election, but after they were elected they did not do what was really needed for my town, Bodden Town.

I can say they were not wise in the way they went about with the spending of our money. At the same time, I can give them praise for trying to get something done in the area of needed new schools for the children. We must have a balance of good leadership with proper respect for the people and this country, but we all know this is something we do not have at present in our government. Most of them are only there for that almighty dollar.

I support whatever is right and proper for our country and all its people, so when it comes to the vote this next election, remember the good old boys club will do as they always have done year after year and that is, I blame you then you blame me. We all get paid to keep the country down, keep the people blind and try our very best to spend all their money before the next election.

Let us turn the good ship Cayman around and put on board her the best captain we can find, with the best sailors we can find and take her out of the storm and we all know we do have some better sailors on Cayman that can do just that and replace the crew that is on board her now. For if this is not done, she will sink and this is one thing we cannot afford to see happen so to all that can vote, please vote the right way in the next election.

Emile S. Levy

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