Minister’s situation ‘different’ than Bush

Stating that there were “no integrity issues” surrounding his guilty plea to careless driving while under the influence of alcohol earlier this year, new Cayman Islands Deputy Premier Rolston Anglin said Wednesday that there was no reason for him to step aside over the offence.

Mr. Anglin’s comments were made during a press conference hosted by the just-formed minority government of United Democratic Party leaders who agreed to split from former Premier McKeeva Bush in a Legislative Assembly no confidence vote this week. That vote cost Mr. Bush his leadership position within the government.

The no confidence vote was brought on by Mr. Bush’s arrest last week on suspicion of corruption and theft offences. Mr. Bush has not been charged with any crimes.

Mr. Anglin has already pleaded guilty and will face sentencing on 5 March. However, he said the two situations were entirely different.

“The concern isn’t the same,” the deputy premier said. “Under my scenario, I can’t go to jail. I can’t be eliminated as a member of the house. There’s no integrity issues surrounding me.

“I made a stupid decision,” Mr. Anglin continued. “I apologised to the country and I decided that even though I thought I had a good case that it was in the best interest of myself, my family, my colleagues and the country to move forward.

“The worst that can happen to me – and I’m not saying this to make light of it – but the worst that could happen to me…is that I could lose my driver’s licence.”

On the other hand, Mr. Bush, if charged and convicted, could face a multi-year jail sentence on corruption-related offences.

Moreover, Mr. Anglin’s LA colleagues said the deputy premier’s conduct occurred in connection with a personal matter while the allegations against Mr. Bush concerned his behaviour while in office.



  1. So giving the cops 3 different stories isn’t an integrity issue? Not knowing the name of the passenger in your car isn’t an integrity issue? Glad we’ve got that straight.

  2. He talks like he did nothing wrong.. its just a drinking and driving accident, not like he killed anyone… Minister of EDUCATION??? and now the deputy premier??
    Will be interesting to see how he gets to work… maybe McKeevas old driver?

  3. I just googled drink drive politician quits, and guess what Mr. Anglin, it seems pretty normal in these circumstances for people to resign…or at least amongst those who show integrity.

    Maybe get one of those road resurfacing vehicles that the new premier is fond of, then at least we could all see you coming.

  4. I think RA needs to consider perception, and precisely public perception, when making his decision to (not) step down. As Pattieman points out, it is common for politicians to resign when they are convicted of DUI/DWI.

    Because he can’t go to jail, and because he can’t be eliminated as a member, does not equate to there being no integrity issues in my opinion.

    I feel there are significant integrity issues in this situation as a person working for the people, especially with regard to his portfolio of education. Poor role model.

    Ego combined with narcissism are a bad combination.

  5. Alden, please take on this case for us. Save the Caymanian people and this mans family from his destructive disillusions of himself as a professional. We need an online poll about about how much confidence we have in Rolston Anglin’s ability as the Minister of Education, Finance and Deputy Premier? We also need an online poll asking if he should resign?

    Alden, the people of the Cayman Islands would like for you to champion this case.

  6. Mt Anglin, I agree – many people have made this mistake. But i have a question. The evidence was that the first thing you did when stopped was place a phone call to the Police Chief Inspector in west Bay. Now, why would you do that I wonder?

  7. DUI must be one of the most serious driving offences.How can this minister treat it so lightly ? Maybe that is how he goes through his life, cavalier and don’t care.Cayman does not need another minister who thinks he is above reproach.

  8. This guy needs to be made to resign. We need qualified upstanding young professionals of integrity like Mrs Susan Lookloy, Miss Canisha Boldeau, Mrs. Perlina McGaw-Lumsden, Mr. Johnathan Pierce, Mr. Dave Connolly…add your picks, to run for these types of positions. Not people whose words contradict their actions. Not people who define integrity as it suits their actions. Not people who speak the truth only when they get caught. Not people who get into positions riding on someone else’s coat tail and then turn around and stab the person who made them in the back. Not…

  9. Claiming not to know the identity of the female he was driving with in the early hours of the morning speaks oceans about either his honesty or his judgement.
    In most jusisdictions he would have either done, or been forced to do, the decent thing and resigned months ago.
    How ironic it is that as Premier Mckeeva should have forced his Education Minister to resign following his behaviour it is now Education Minister being instumental in getting rid of Premier Mckeeva!

  10. Additions to the below list of candidates of integrity include Elroy Bryan, Kreshion Welcome, Tara Rivers, Collin Anglin and Dr. Dax Basdeo…More to come

  11. He was sober enough to know to contact his friend the chief inspector but not sober enough to remember the name of the woman he was driving with?

    He clams that he is a man of integrity…ye he had o console with family, friends and god o see if he should tell the truth or no.

    I don’t know about you all but I can tell you all this I was not born yesterday…Anglin, I ain’t buying what your selling.

  12. NJ2Cay: RA is next in line for the shooting gallery…

    Dingo: Anglin is next in line for the shooting gallery.

    Either NJ2Cay=Dingo or Dingo is a parrot.

    There are obviously posters on here who use multiple identities.

  13. Not sure who dingo is, but I have seen quite a few on the comments I put in the Compass copied word for word on CNS even the typos. Nothing for me to gain from posting the same comment with two different names. But someone obviously gets a kick out plagiarizing what I write..

    I will just take it as a compliment..

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