Vision of a coming sword

I got a vision on Sunday, 18 November. A great Bible on the sky in the north was opened in two equal parts and written in red.

Men were digging windows, trying to destroy our Bibles and kill us. I called the others to look at the Bible in the sky, but they all ran down the stairs and left me alone. I took up the three Bibles that I was studying. I hid the Bibles in a safe place, not to give them a chance to destroy the word of God. Looking through the window to the east, the Lord was appearing with a sword in hand, clothed in a white robe and a red vest. I was not afraid; I stood my ground.

The building was scorched, a man looked me into the eyes and he didn’t see me because the spirit of the Lord encamps around men; the man leaves.

Remembering the vision, I opened my Bible. Ezekiel 4,5,6 appeared before me but my eyes caught chapter 3 v 17 on the same page. I read to the sixth chapter. I must warn all those in high places that govern with authority and those who lead spiritually, and those who direct and rule in organisations in different institutions. Look up! Redemption draws nigh. A sword is coming to the nations.

Thus says the Lord, “Behold, I will destroy your high places. Your alter will be desolate; your images will be broken. I will cast down your slain me before your idols. Dead carcasses, your bones scattered around your alter in all your dwelling places. The cities shall be laid to waste.”

Some shall escape the sword among nations. They that escape shall remember Jehovah among the nations.

Righteousness shall go before him and shall set us in the ways of his steps. Palms 85 verse 13. Moses spoke of the rite of circumcision as a token. Paul called that same rite a sign or a seal in Romans 4 v. 11. It is, however, one of God’s requirements and will become a distinguishing mark of God’s people in these latter days.

Earth’s last hour will be given with power. The judgement of God upon those who reject God’s final call of mercy. Read Joel 3 v. 16. “Therefore let us continue our belief in the return of Jesus be ye ready. Cast not away therefore our confidence.”

The sanctuary is polluted with detestable things; malice, hatred, dictatorship, unfamiliar spirits, deception, murdering of the tongue. If we can’t love our brothers, how can we love God? Break up your folly. “If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray and seek my face, then I would heal their land.”

Behold, God is against your pillows. Cover up false prophets. God will break the staff of bread. Your kerchief also will God tear. The nations need a holy ghost transplant; a consuming restoration, a rebirth to push toward the higher calling. Woe the nations exposed to the word of God. None of his words will be diminished. Exercise love without grudge or corruption and reach for the lost.

Lorna Eccleston


  1. Circumcision was a requirement under the Mosaic Law. This Law was done away with by the ransom sacrifice of God’s Son, the Messiah Jesus Christ. Adherent former Jewish converts to Christianity in the First Century caused controversy by insisting that Gentile (non-Jewish) male converts should be circumcised. The matter was referred by Paul to the Body of Older Men in Jerusalem whose decision (and the dispute)is recorded in Acts Ch15.From that time circumcision has never been required for Christians.
    The reference that you make to Romans Ch4:11 acknowledges the fact that from Abraham their forefather, the Israelites were obliged to perform this as an act of faith towards God. Paul’s earlier words at Romans Ch2:25-29 indicate that the faith of the ‘inner person’ is more important than an outward physical sign, i.e. circumcision.
    Therefore your statement that this is one of God’s requirements and will become a distinguishing mark of God’s people in these latter days is not supported by the Holy Bible.

    The vision of a sword is symbolic of God’s actions through his Son,which IS verified by scripture.

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