Beware the small, tasty appetiser

As we mix and mingle during the Christmas season, staying within a reasonable weight and maintaining a general feeling of well-being may bring forth challenges.

An often overlooked, and rather insidious culprit, in our attempts to resist extra pounds comes in the form of those sociable delicacies called “appetisers”.

Fondly referred to as finger foods, canapés, hors d’oeuvres, snacks, and appetisers, these small and seemingly harmless morsels can add a whooping number of calories and fat with one small bite.

Familiar appetisers to avoid or limit if you are hoping to zip up the New Year’s Eve outfit with ease and keep your cholesterol within check include: buffalo wings, conch fritters, deep-fried anything, spring rolls, pot-stickers, creamy dips and too much cheese. “Eek!” you may think, “what may I choose?”

Select fruits, (a chocolate-covered strawberry is much better than a pot-sticker), crunchy vegetables, dates, olives, nuts, crackers, smoked salmon canapés, meatballs, fresh mozzarella on tomatoes with basil, and moderate amounts of cheese and crackers. Sunchips and popcorn are popular munchy snacks for healthy eaters.

As for the delicate morsels seriously higher in fat and calories, resist or practise self control by limiting yourself to one.

Other practical tips for appetiser awareness during the Merry Season include moving away from where canapés are located, drinking lots of water and bringing a healthy appetiser yourself, especially in situations where there is a slim chance of getting anything healthy.

Practising good sense and portion control for finger food is a healthy lifestyle skill and will help keep blood levels 
balanced and the scale from escalating.

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