Bodden Town and the dump

Let us make it very clearn when it comes to our beloved home and the first capital Bodden Town. We do not want any kind of dump placed in it. I for one spoke positively about moving the dump, but not to another part of our Island.

Instead, we need to move all waste material in containers and send it off Cayman, for example, all metal, glass and plastics that can be recycled.

If we take a very good look at what the government does with the garbage that is collected, they only have one idea and that is to pile it up and pile it up year after year. Let us be real. If you move it from Bodden Town and pile it up in George Town, then sooner or later move it to West Bay and then to East End, then to North Side and sooner than later, we will have a place called contaminated Cayman where no one will be able to live.

Wee need to take a better look at the garbage problem that was created by unwise members of our governments, past and present. Like the two members of government from Bodden Town that agreed to move this nasty dump to Bodden Town, let us look at how we can ship this waste off Grand Cayman and put it in place a very good recycle programme.

All the waste like paper, old food, grass and trees can be turned into mulch. All metal, glass plastics an be shipped off island. All hospital waste can be burned. After a while, if we are not wise with what we do now we will suffer for it in the future.

I have personally investigated exactly where they want to place this nasty dump and it is in an area that is part of our wetlands where teels, morhens, coots and ducks live and have their young. Most of this area is so very beautiful it should be preserved as a national park for future generations to be able to see just how beautiful this sanctuary for birds can still be there for them to see.

The area is close to one of the fastest growing residential areas in Bodden Town; very quiet and good to raise children, a place where you can still have your gardens of many different crops.

To place a dump in this area will effect all of Bodden Town to West Bay and if the dump ever catches fire like they do some times, it will effect most of the island west of Midland, east of Midland. According to where the wind is blowing, God forbid if it blows from north to south. I till help to kill all the people of the Midland Acres area and central Bodden Town. We must be very careful with this idea of pushing this dump on top of the people of Bodden Town for we will not stand for this.

I have never heard of the government at present pushing money to help the people of Bodden Town. Mr. Scotland and Mr. Seymour, you as Bodden Towners are a complete disgrace to the people of Bodden Town for the part you played against your people’s wishes and agreeing with anyone to help contaminate your town. Hopefully you will not be there to go against the people of Bodden Town much longer.

Let us all on Cayman try and do what is best for all of us when it comes to the dump. We must be very careful with the things we do on our Island, for it is not only for us, but also for the future generations to come. So if we do very reckless and foolish things on and with our beautiful island that cannot be reversed then the price we pay can be deadly. So please, members of government, do not place any dump in the first capital of Cayman, Bodden Town.

It is not a wise thing to do, Look back at what the past government have done that decided to place the dump in George Town. They did not foresee that only one day that dump would give the whole country some kind of problem today. They did not know that one day there would be a Camana Bay close to the present dump. We in the year 2012 cannot see 50 years down the road and look at what will be around Midland Acres, but we know today that placing a dump in the fastest growing section of Cayman can be effected by such things as a dump being placed in it. Investors that are needed to invest in our town will not want to come and invest in Bodden Town, why would anyone with a good brain want to place a dump in their first capital that is so rich with history. No one but a fool, so to all the people of our beloved Bodden Town that love Bodden Town, to all that are on Cayman, do what you have to do to stop this dump from being placed in Bodden Town. Be wise and recycle. Do not be stupid and help mess up our island and be a sellout just for a fist full of dollars.

Our better future depends on what we do today. Outsiders who do not love Cayman can pack up and leave, but can help to leave with us a big mess that can effect all the rest of us forever.

My grandmother, Netty Levy, told me one day ‘Siggy, beware of strangers that come bearing gifts and giving you promises’.

We have a chance to make Cayman better now today. Let us not make anymore mistakes and do wrong. Say no to any dump in Bodden Town.

Unity with wisdom can break down any mountain.

Emile S. Levy


  1. Mr. Levy, you are absolutely correct. I live near Edmonton, Alberta, where we have the largest municipal recycling and composting facility in the world. There are local businesses which can utilise most of the recycled material, and our own Mount Trashmore will never be one of the major geographical features of the region. I have visited Cayman many times, and hope to retire there- and I pray that people with your vision will be allowed to guide the decision on the new waste management facility.

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