Elections Office open Saturday

Staff of the Elections Office will be available Saturday, 22 December, for any members of the public who are eligible to vote but have not yet registered.  

They will maintain a registration station on the ground floor lobby of the Smith Road Centre at 150 Smith Road in George Town. Staff will be on hand from 10am until 4pm. 

“The onus is on the registering officer to register you if you qualify, but the onus is on you to register,” Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez said. 

All eligible persons who wish to register to vote in the May 2013 general elections are urged to make every effort to register now because time is running out, Mr. Gomez said. The final date for registration is Wednesday, 2 January. On that date, registering officers will be available until midnight and the Elections Office will have a registration station downstairs in the lobby of the Smith Road Centre, also open until midnight. 

An advisory from the Elections Office also contained a reminder for registered voters who have changed their names, occupations or street addresses since being registered: this is their final opportunity to complete a Form 13 to update their particulars. Also, for those who have changed districts, this is the final call to ensure that they are registered in the correct electoral district.  

Election officials also note that persons who have Caymanian status and have not been naturalised, but are otherwise qualified, may register to vote. Naturalisation is not a prerequisite to qualify.  

Application forms and amendment forms will be available from the Elections Office and registering officers. They may also be downloaded from the website www.electionsoffice.ky 

Deputy Supervisor Colford Scott said, “The right to vote is a great equaliser: your vote matters just as much as the next person’s. However, in order to vote you must first be registered.” 

Deputy Supervisor Orrett Connor added, “Registering to vote is quite easy. Just complete the application form, provide the necessary supporting documents and submit to either your registering officer or the Elections Office and that’s all there is to it.” 

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