Let’s talk some turkey

Christmas is nearly upon us, and odds are good that most have a turkey in their refrigerator ready for the big day.

There is nothing quite like a turkey dinner on the Christmas table with all the fixin’s, as they say. Stuffing is usually a given, and then favourites plus tradition usually denote what else you’ll find. Could be roast potatoes or mashed. Some love brussels sprouts; some can’t stand the sight of them. Sausages, bacon, gravy, peas, squash … no matter what’s available, odds are good that you’ll be so stuffed afterward with all that great food and tryptophan that all you’ll want to do is sleep.

If this is your first year attempting to cook a turkey, you may be excited, yet nervous at the prospect. With the right ingredients and some sort of thermometer at hand, you should be able to sail through it and before you know it, it will be a Merry Christmas indeed.

So what do you do with the leftovers if there are any? Here is a simple recipe that will keep the accolades coming.

Grilled Turkey Reuben Sandwiches


1 cup sauerkraut, drained

10 ounces sliced deli turkey meat

2 tablespoons butter

4 slices marble rye bread

4 slices Swiss cheese

4 tablespoons thousand island salad dressing, or to taste


Warm the sauerkraut and turkey, separately, in microwave-safe bowls for 30-seconds; set aside. Spread butter generously on one side of each slice of rye bread, then spread the thousand island dressing on the other side. Divide the sauerkraut, turkey, and Swiss cheese on two slice of bread with the butter-side down.

Stack the remaining two slices of bread with the butter-side up on top. Heat a large skillet over medium-low heat. Arrange the sandwiches on the skillet and grill until lightly browned and the cheese is melted, about three minutes on each side. Makes two sandwiches.

For further turkey leftover ideas, see the current issue of Flava magazine.

Extraordinary dish of the week

Osetra Bay recently reopened its doors, and I have to say that the menu is absolutely fabulous. On the evening we went, it was a crisp night with breezes blowing. The service there has always been impeccable, and as we sat among the flowing white curtains, we felt transported.

It’s hard to pick a favourite here, but I have to go with the Market Fish dish, which that night was Branzino, otherwise known as the Mediterranean Sea Bass. It was tender and delicious, served simply with fantastic accompaniments. I won’t spoil the surprise, just know that you have to try this dish. Oh, and the amuse bouche was pretty out of this world as well.

Food Diary

Friday, 21 December

5th Annual Mistletoe “All White Affair” Party

Get into the spirit of the season at the 5th Annual Mistletoe “All White Affair” Party. Hosted by Abacus, the event benefits the Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that supports the advancement of women’s issues. There is no set entry fee into the event but $10 donation is expected. The Mistletoe Champagne & Wine Dinner starts at 7pm. $90 for a five-course journey and $20 will be donated to the cause. For reservations call 623-8282.

Thursday, 27 December

Ortanique “Caja China” Pig Roast under the stars

Co-owner/chef Cindy Hutson, co-owner Delius Shirley and executive chef Sara Mair invite you for a Full Moon “Caja China” Pig Roast under the stars. The fun begins right when you ditch your shoes and dig your toes into the sand on The Island in Camana Bay Harbour. Sip mojitos and savour Cuban-inspired bocaditos (small bites). Then join fellow diners for a family-style all-you-can-eat Latin feast of roasted pig, fresh local fish, market vegetables, black beans and rice and other hearty dishes. Dance it all off with a live DJ for a perfect end to an enjoyable evening. Spaces are limited. The cost is $60 per person for adults and $25 per person for kids. For reservations, call 640.7710.

Monday, 31 December

New Year’s Eve everywhere

There are many places offering dinner and drink packages for New Year’s Eve. The Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman and numerous venues in Camana Bay are all on the list for starters. If you haven’t booked already, now is definitely the time to do it to avoid disappointment. On the other hand, maybe you can just have a catered affair in your back garden, and at midnight enjoy the fireworks set off around the island.

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