Bodden Town gobbles up title

Bodden Town has earned a new set of bragging rights – at least for another year. 

The district fielded the winning team in the Fourth Annual GimiStory Fry Fish, Frittas and Swanky Competition conducted recently during the week-long cultural event in the Cayman Islands featuring storytelling and island fare. 

Now in its 15th year, GimiStory has become one of the most anticipated events of the year in the Cayman Islands as it has become renowned for its lively and creative set of local and international storytellers and entertainers. But more recently, district teams from throughout Grand Cayman and the neighbouring Sister Islands have been invited to head up a culinary competition aspect of GIMISTORY, going head-to-head against one another for the titles of “Best Fry Fish”, “Best Frittas” and “Best Swanky”. 

This year, the Bodden Town team of Robert Wood, Crosby Solomon, Jerry Wood, Osbourne Bodden, Florence Wood and Agnes McCoy brought their “A-game” and took home the top prize.  

They cooked up swanky that was just right; frittas that were hot, slightly sweet and golden; and fish that was both aesthetically pleasing and had a nice balance of seasoning. 

The team from Cayman Brac – featuring high school students Ameilia Gillispie, Evelyn Ebanks, Sashalee Robert, Monique Todd and Anestascio Mena-Hebbert, along with teacher Joy Comrie – placed second in all three categories.  

The winners received prizes including gifts from telecommunications provider Digicel and grocery retailer Foster’s Food Fair.  


Other teams competing included: 

East End – Alvin McLaughlin, Marlene Samuels, Mary Lee Welcome, Shirley Ann Bodden, Caren Gourzong, Andrea McLaughlin, Terrencia Bodden, Winston Lightbody, and Kenworth Connor;  

George Town – Pauline McField, Hartwell McField, Desiree Myles, and Kayla McField;  

North Side – Wendy Quinland, Geoffry Ebanks, Feliciana Ebanks, Jay Ebanks, and Chelena [last name unavailable];  

West Bay – Eziethamae Bodden, Cora James, Junilee Brooks, Clova Martinez, Brenda Bush, and Brenda Timothy. 

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