Are you ready to discover the new sound of Undiscovered?

Cayman’s Undiscovered play Live on the Paseo on Friday, 28 December at 7pm. This free concert is a great way to check out the quartet live but who are they? Weekender shoved some questions at the lads, a bit like the woman out of Father Ted offering a cup of tea to a priest.

Introduce yourselves, please, chaps.

We are Beneil Miller: keyboard; Bradley Bernard: drums; Kenroy Millwood: vocals; and Stephen Walton: bass guitar.

Where did the name come from?

After our previous band (Rena 93) we let go a few of the members and decided we needed a name change as well. I came up with the name Undiscovered as it represents the band very well (all under 20 and fresh to the music scene at the time) and everyone liked it so it stuck.

What kind of vibe is it?

We usually bring a laid back, cool style to our performances as we play a lot of R&B and reggae style music. But we also do like to mix it up and play some hip hop, ska, swing, calypso and soca.

What are the crowd pleasers?

So far the songs that we play that the crowd seems to love the most are “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5 and our own single, “Hope You Answer.” Apart from that, everything we play seems to be appealing to our crowds. Usually we’re the ones who end the show and people often tell us that we “made their night worthwhile”.

Anything coming out soon?

So far no current plans to release, but we do tend to come up with ideas in no time what so ever (Hope You Answer was made in only a few hours).

What have the highlights been so far?

Over the years, the most memorable moments would be our Pirates Week 2010 gig, which was by far our biggest crowd.

Also a backing band gig at Jillian’s pool lounge in 2010 (for ‘Represent’ Cayman dub poetry nights).

And how was 2012?

For me personally 2012 has been an awesome year. The band only got together in the summer as the keyboardist, Beneil, and the lead vocalist Ken were both off island for school. When they did come back though we pulled a gig at the Mango Tree where we stole the show (as usual).

Catch Undiscovered at Live on the Paseo, Camana Bay on Friday, 28 December at 7pm. Free entry.

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