Battle of the Sexes Camana Bay result: Biggie or baldy?

In 2010, Michael Klein and I decided to go mano a woman-o to see who was the better Christmas shopper. We had one hour to buy eight gifts at the shops of Camana Bay, and video was taken of our endeavours.  

Despite the fact that I knew I was the winner, apparently everyone decided to keep the information under wraps. Something about Michael’s delicate and emotional sensibilities. He refused to accept that I was the victor, and so in 2012 we had a rematch. 

We both were given Camana Bay Gift Cards in the amount of $600, and once again had one hour to buy eight gifts. We had to buy for: 

Best friend 








Michael took his sweet time as ever, leisurely strolling around the shops and really not putting in the effort that I would have expected (ahem). I, on the other hand, ran around between stores so that I had maximum shopping time in each. I was all about the quality. 

We went from NKY to Caribbean Canvas Company, Eclipze to Le Visage, Bon Vivant to Bedside Manor and everywhere in-between. In fairness, there were so many options out there and so much stock to distract us that it was hard to concentrate on the task at hand. We kept wanting to stop and buy gifts on our personal Christmas lists. 

From time to time I would run into Michael and he seemed quietly confident, but I knew that deep, deep down he was quaking in his boots. An hour later we met up in the Camana Bay Discovery Centre with our gifts and as Michael had more money left on his card than I did, he kindly treated me to lunch at Abacus. On the other hand, maybe he was just hungry and didn’t like to eat alone. 

Once we had finished the shopping part of it, we had to sit and wait as the public viewed our video and voted for their favourite gifts. Whomever got the most votes would be declared the winner. 

The days passed, and Michael would casually ask me if I knew what the present count of votes was. I didn’t, but I could tell that he was nervous. 

The competition ended on Wednesday, 19 December and the votes were counted. The winner was … ME!!!! 

As you can imagine I didn’t rub it in. Michael was devastated and I, being the warm-hearted person that I am, wasn’t about to dance around his desk with a pair of cheerleading pom-poms screaming “Winna, winna, chicken dinna!” Well maybe I did just a little bit … but he’s got to learn that to the victor go the spoils! Speaking of which, I’m still waitin’ for those spoils. 

Lorna Allen was the lucky winner of Michael’s choices (very good prizes if I’m to be honest) and Brenda Lee Ebanks won mine. Brenda was particularly happy to get my gifts, and who could blame her? I’m a FABulous shopper. 

So now the dust has cleared, we can just get back to our lives, but Michael will always know that big hair was the winner on the day. 


Michael Klein’s final take 

I begged people to vote for Vicki. It seemed to mean so much to her to win this thing, and I couldn’t take another day of her banging on about it. She thinks she won, let’s just leave it at that. 

Until next time, Wheaton …