Suite Elite looking forward to a productive year in 2013

Cayman’s rock, pop and show band Suite Elite is looking forward to a great 2013 with original material in the offing as well as trips to Los Angeles for the singer. 

Pam Burgess, said vocalist with the versatile group, is therefore in buoyant mood when Weekender catches up with her for a chat. 

“This coming year I hope to finally see the release of Suite Elite’s first music video with a song I wrote called ‘BabyLove’. We are expecting the launch to be in February,” she tells us. 

“Later in the year, I look forward to taking a few months off to travel to Los Angeles to work on some new musical projects with some great producers I have met. It will also be a treat to enjoy a few live bands and concerts while I’m there. Overall for 2013, I hope for Suite Elite’s continued success and for all my friends and family to be blessed with good health, good luck and positive thoughts.” 

Before she jets off, though, there’s another appearance live on the Paseo at Camana Bay this Friday, 4 January from 7 to 10pm, which is free as usual. 

Eat more sap 

As is customary for this time of year, everyone’s got a resolution. But how can we keep to ours (which incidentally is to eat more sap). 

“Treat every day like a fresh start,” Pam says, sagely. 

“What you don’t achieve today can find its place tomorrow.” 

Sound advice, particularly if like us you are very comfortable with the Spanish concept of mañana. But how can we unleash our inner musician? We’re sure he’s still in there somewhere, twiddling his thumbs and humming half-realised snippets of old tracks by Benny Goodman. 

“To unleash the rock star in you learn to use your talents, whether it’s guitar, piano, drums, singing or studio production, do it, play it, be passionate about it and develop yourself to be your very own unique self creation. 

“Go to music lessons, jam nights, karaoke, form a band – take your skill to the stage and live out your dream, there’s no limits to how far you can push yourself.” 

We are Weekender – hear us roar.