Tuesdays are tempting

The team at Ortanique love their cheese. They’re pretty keen on wine, too.  

And the two just go together like strawberries and cream, or, well, cheese and wine really.  

It’s a perfect combination – the rich creaminess of the cheese on the one hand, and the sharper, more acidic flavour of the wine on the other.  

Every second Tuesday of the month, Ortanique teams up with Tortuga Wines and Spirits for Temptation Tuesdays – a cheese and wine pairing event. 

There’s a choice of two cheese boards, each with a selection of three cheeses – some of which are imported and others that are made in house at Ortanique.  

“We love making homemade cheeses. Some [of the cheeses] that most of us can do from our kitchen include Ricotta, Goat Cheese, Mozzarella and Bramata – anything beyond that usually requires aging rooms and a press,” says Christyna Chapman, Maitre de Parti at Ortanique.  

The next Temptation Tuesday will be on 8 January at 6pm. The $36 cheese board includes a different wine to pair with each cheese and the experts from Tortuga will be on hand to explain and discuss the pairings. Like putting a dish together, Christyna says, it’s all about balance. 

If the cheese is particularly rich (higher in fat) for example, you would want to go with a sweeter wine, or even a champagne, which would help cut through the richness of the cheese and vice versa.  

“We want to share our love and the fantastic experience of pairing wine and cheese with as many people as we can. It is always a great night out full of fun, spirit and of course a great way to learn more!” Christyna says.  

The cheeses and wines to be paired at the next event have yet to be decided, so be prepared to be surprised this Tuesday between 6 and 8pm. 


To reserve your space, call 640-7710.