Co-ed swingers seek more fun

The co-ed softball season is drawing near with a corporate league in the works. 

On 21 January, the adult co-ed softball season is set to begin with four levels of league play. The leagues are a programme of the Cayman Islands Little League Association, with games taking place at the Field of Dreams baseball/softball facility.  

The adult co-ed winter-spring softball season, which will last until early May, involves a 12-game regular season and a double elimination play-off tournament in which every team gets to participate.  

Co-ed programme coordinator Alan Markoff said more than 500 men and women participate in the co-ed softball programme every year and that just about anyone could participate in a league  

“With four different leagues for different skill levels, there’s a place for everyone, from beginner to advanced player,” Markoff said.  

Teams usually play one game per week at various times, with most of them occurring Monday through Thursday evenings. League fees vary between $1,500 and $1,700 per team depending on the schedule a team wants to play. Teams that are willing to play some daylight games on weekends – when expensive lights aren’t used – pay less than teams that only want to play evening games. 

Fees are due at the mandatory captains’ meeting at 7pm on Wednesday, 9 January, at the Field of Dreams clubhouse. 

One of the key goals of the programme in 2013 is to attract some new corporate teams for the beginner’s D-League, Markoff said. 

“The D-League is more about having fun and social interaction in a social setting. There is a competitive element to it, but not to the same degree as our other leagues.” 

Markoff said many of the teams that participate in the programme are workplace teams. 

“We’ve got law firms, accounting firms, banks, insurance companies and more. Companies find that team sports like softball help build relationships in the workplace.  

“It also gives their employees a wholesome and fun activity they can look forward to outside of working hours.” 

The D-League plays on smaller fields than the rest of the leagues and uses what is known as a soft-touch ball. While a regular softball is actually quite hard, the soft-touch ball gives when squeezed, making it safer for beginning players. Markoff states softball has rules very similar to baseball but is played on a smaller field. 

“Softball isn’t a sport only for athletes in great condition. Softball can be enjoyed by people of all levels of fitness.  

“Because the ball is pitched underhanded and slowly, it can be hit by anyone with a little hand-to-eye coordination and it’s a sport that is easily learned even as an adult.” 

To help encourage new teams to enter, coaches will be made available for D-League teams to help teach them the game, if needed, Markoff said. 

“We’d really like to see some new faces out on the field this season. In the past, teams that have joined the D-League usually continued playing year after year, with some of them even moving up to higher leagues as they gain experience.” 


For more information, contact Alan Markoff at [email protected]