Looking for soldiers’ stories

The Cayman Islands Veterans Association is mindful that there are quite a few old boys living in Cayman who served in the military but have not come forward yet to either join the association or at least to make regular contact. The stories these men could tell would be much more interesting than the biased stories that are put out by Hollywood.

What we are looking for at the moment is anyone who served in the Far East and was captured by the Japanese when Singapore collapsed and surrendered on 15th February, 1942. We know it is a long time ago and memories are not as sharp as they were, but we can encourage the story to come out. We have one very well known Caymanian who spent the following years as a prisoner, but we could do with more as those captured went in many directions as forced labour. Their experiences MUST be told.

The children of these survivors can be most helpful in this endeavour. You know it will be a worthwhile tribute to your parents – even if they have died but you can recall some of the stories you were told.

On 7th December we wrote an article that was not flattering to the United States – the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. It is the British turn now and they must accept their incompetence in Singapore in February 1942 caused untold grief.

Please forward anything you have to Graham Walker on [email protected] Our target date for the article is Friday, 15th February. Thank you.

Graham Walker