Cayman has drifted away

My wish for you is a very beautiful and God blessed year to the people of these most beautiful Islands. May this year be a year of struggling to regain lost ground. I want you, my fellow Caymanians, to read this letter written by one Caymanian that loves God supremely and loves our way of life, but we have strayed. But there’s still a way back to the Master.

As Caymanians, we have been very honest hard working people and kindness is or was a vital part of our heritage or our way of life. Our people used to be a people who, if there was sickness in some family, some would volunteer to go there some night to relieve the family of the stress and strain to allow the family to get some sleep while the sick person was cared for.

That was a proud part of our heritage, which is being lost today. We were men and women of strong family values and strong Christian values. We hardly knew what money was. There was very little to earn in our land. But our grounds were a beautiful site where we grew our provisions and hard work was our way of life.

And in dealing with our way of life, what was ours, we were proud of and we never knew what it was to have a hand out.

Our women were loved and highly respected. If you, as a man, were wearing a hat and came into the presence of a woman, you removed your hat in respect for the woman and we highly respected one another.

You would never see a man sitting and a woman standing up and we were very carful what we said in the presence of the women.

It never mattered if you were a youngster on the road or wherever you saw a child if he or she was not acting or doing what would be normal for a young person. If an elder came along, they would speak to them and the youngster wouldn’t dare make their parents aware. Respect.

If you as a senior were talking, no teenager would be able to get into the conversation. You could listen, but or elders 
were highly respected.

Today, if your child as a youngster, chances are things might not be the same.

We grew so much food and God blessed our crops and we had so much fruit.

Lastly, but not least, our parents took our children to church Sunday morning. What a beautiful sight to see; our families going out to church and Sunday School on Sunday morning and again Sunday night. It was times of great revivals; such beautiful services.

You could hear so many of our elders talk about the Pastor Bingham Revivals. Souls were saved and lives changed and on our land there was such a piece of quietness and so many of our people serving God.

Sunday was such a sacred day in our land. We honoured God and feared God and worshipped God and in these Islands no manual labour was done on Sunday.

Rev. John Jefferson