First social set for Emory alumni

A local graduate of Emory University in Atlanta is working to further establish the Cayman Islands Chapter of Emory Alumni, with the first social event slated for Monday, 28 January.  

Charles D. Bush established the chapter in 2011. He graduated from Emory University’s Chandler School of Theology in 2010 with a master’s in divinity from the school in the United States. Following graduation, he served as a chaplain resident at Gwinnett Medical Centre in Georgia.  

Mr. Bush said there are about 27 Emory alumni in Cayman, including alumni parents and current students. Through its numerous chapters, The Emory Alumni Association helps Emory’s 120,000 alumni get informed about, get connected to and get involved with their alma mater.  

Marifel Verlohr, assistant director of international programmes, said the Emory network of alumni offers numerous benefits. 

“Through our alumni director, the alumni can keep in touch with each other personally and professionally. Additionally, there are networking opportunities that are offered through chapter activities, as well as various social media sites that are exclusive to Emory alumni.” 

Emory alumni chapter members have access to a career services department, internship opportunities, extended educational programmes, including lectures from visiting professors and webinars, as well as access to a travel programme that typically offers a choice of as many as 25 destinations around the world annually. At times, a visiting Emory professor, who offers area expertise, accompanies travellers, offering inside knowledge on local customs and cultures of their chosen destination.  

Current members of the Cayman Islands Chapter include Dr. Burke Merren Hunter and Dr. Edlin Merren. Following his graduation from Emory University, Mr. Hunter went on to medical school at the University of Miami School of Medicine and later worked as a urologist at South Miami Hospital. Mr. Hunter died in 1999. 

Mr. Merren, who has recently retired, returned to the Cayman Islands after graduating from Emory University. He opened a private dental practice on Hospital Road in George Town, from where he has offered dental care to generations of Caymanians. Both members are also Corpus Cordis Aureum members, which celebrates Emory alumni who graduated 50 or more years ago.  

The social event is set to be held at Abacus, from 4.30pm, and Mr. Bush said it is designed to be an opportunity for local alumni to meet each other, network and to discuss plans for future events, such as the Emory Cares International Service Day, scheduled to be held on Saturday, 9 November. 


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Ms Verlohr