Government tries to mend UK ties

A government delegation from the Cayman Islands is scheduled to begin two days of meetings with the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office in a bid to repair relations between the British Overseas Territory and the UK. 

Cayman Islands Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, Deputy Premier Rolston Anglin and others plan to meet Overseas Territories Minister Mark Simmonds and also visit the Cayman Islands’ London office and staff on Monday and Tuesday, 21 and 22 January. 

“It is crucially important that we continue to ensure that we build a good relationship – some might say rebuild a relationship – with the [Foreign and Commonwealth Office],” Mr. Anglin said last week during the weekly government news briefing in Grand Cayman.  

With just five months of the interim administration’s term to go, there had been some queries publicly about why government members felt it necessary to travel to London, especially as Premier O’Connor-Connolly has come under fire for her extensive overseas travel when serving as deputy premier under McKeeva Bush’s government.  

“I think there’s been suggestions as to whether or not we can do it over the phone,” Mr. Anglin said. “There’s very important business that has to happen and there are times where, as elected leaders, we have to have face-to-face discussions with our counterparts and certainly meeting with the minister responsible for the OTs in person is crucially important for us rebuilding a relationship with the FCO and, by extension, HMG [Her Majesty’s Government]. 

“The premier has not had the opportunity to meet him face to face and so now as we navigate the next five months, it’s critically important that she has that opportunity to meet with the minister and be able to discuss issues of interest on both sides,” Mr. Anglin added. 

High on the agenda in the meeting with Minister Simmonds will be Cayman’s finances. 


  1. I believe it is much too late to mend this fence with UK and Cayman Islands. Cayman and the UK has been walking on thin ice for more than one hundred and fifty years ago. The feeling is like this we were abandoned when we were a child by our mother, and like a little orphan Annie had to depend on Jamaica, Cuba and Honduras. However we made it, went to school, and university, got a good education Now that we have set ourselves up and married rich, the mother and all the step sisters have seen a great opporunity. So everyone is looking for a handout. Big changes will have to made for that heart to mend, and the five cannot do it. UK will have to make up for time lost.

  2. I hope the delegation wrapped up warm, it’s freezing here at the moment.
    I’m surprised Minister Simmonds didn’t insist on travelling to Cayman for this instead.

  3. What a waste of over 50,000 for these very short term delegates to think they are going to repair UK relations. Poor business decision. The mending of UK ties should be the number one responsibility of the newly elected Premier which is just 5 months down the road.

  4. Hunter: please sort out your metaphors/similes and send in your thoughts again. Who is looking for what hand-out? Has the UK somehow made money out of Cayman over the years – is that the burden of your song?
    Divejay: any attempt to sort out the mess Cayman is in at present must be supported by any thinking person. Waiting yet another period of time ( in this case, 5 months) merely adds to the damage already wrought.
    It really is time that more people in Cayman began to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees and generally speaking, noone owes anyone a living.

  5. Old hand I was listening to my grandfather many years ago telling exactly how it went between UK and Cayman.
    My grandfather now deceased said that England did absolutely nothing for this Island. I would hear him say that if it was not for Jamaica and Belize the people would die for food because in 1932 the hurricane had destroyed every tree on the Island except two breadfruit trees. People had to dig crabs from their hole in the swamps to eat. England never cared that the Island existed. Now that I am 80 years old I have seed the UK slowly showing interest in the Islands because of the Brits slowly wanting to take it all from the Cayman people. It is very late to talk about mending the fence. Memories do not leave like people do.

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