Start the ball rolling

I am going to cast a vote in May and I would like to make it count.

I am looking for a candidate who understands the importance of proper infrastructure.

I want to discuss the dump with a candidate who knows what a plasmafication – co-generation plant is. I want to hear their opinion on having an incinerator harnessed to produce power situated at the existing dump location. I want to discuss mining existing garbage; whether this facility could be a joint government – private venture.

I would like to discuss how we can encourage more energy independence, including offering incentives to all purchasers and users of solar, wind and other clean, renewable resource technologies. I want to see a platform that includes inverse metering and reduced or exempt duty on photovoltaic and related equipment.

I would like to discuss programmes for youth in West Bay. Practical skill building and social skill programmes aimed at young teens, before they become youth/young adults at risk.

There are so many more concerns, but lets start with these three.

Are their any aspiring “politicians to be” from West Bay bold enough to come forward and publicly discuss their points of view on waste, energy and youth development? Please, start the ball rolling.

Deirdre Billes


  1. I was disappointed that you would discuss plasmafication but omit discussing mandatory recycling. Recycling is so basic as part of the waste management solution for the country yet people seem to not get it.

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