Bush travel bill $350K last year

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Ex-Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush’s former ministry reconsidered an earlier decision to withhold financial records on Mr. Bush’s government-sponsored trips, releasing details on some $350,000 in travel-related expenses between December 2011 and December 2012.

The expenses relate to Mr. Bush’s and his companions’ trips scheduled or taken between 31 August, 2011, and 22 December, 2012.

Excluding a $17,000 credit described as correcting an expense category for a magazine advertisement, the expenditures for accommodations, airfare, credit card reimbursements, “subsistence” payments and other categories total more than $367,000.

More than $230,000 went toward plane tickets, with Cayman Airways the recipient of nearly all those payments. Nearly $87,000 went toward transfers to Mr. Bush’s government credit card. According to the records provided by the Ministry of Finance, Tourism and Development, “accommodations are paid using the credit card.”

Please see much more on this story later this week in the Caymanian Compass…


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  1. Some people just hate McKeva Bush for no reason, just cannot stand to see him put a smile on the face of any Caymanian. I just hope Caymanian remember the good that McKeva Bush has been to this Country.

  2. you got to love that he is accountable for nothing and never will be. When you give someone unlimited power, corruption is inevitable…

    I for one am excited that new young Caymanians are running for office.

    Vote for Winston!!

  3. 350K! It takes that much just to fuel a jet for some country’s leaders. I see nothing corrupt in a leader flying on the national airline to conduct the county’s business. Cost seem reasonable. I for one would accept expenses ran up this way, than to have our leaders using transportation of a company they are negotiating a contract with.

  4. caymanian-on-guard…

    So you think 30,000/month is justifiable? For that much money you can rent a lear jet and stay in a 5 star hotel for a weekend. Almost every deal he flew away for never amounted to anything and in this day and age you dont need to fly to business meeting. I wonder what he cost Caymanians when he flew to Jamaica to get his Masters degree that they rescinded? They should have just put it in the mail.

    He uses YOUR money like it is his own money and thats just wrong.

    Would like to see how many trip to Honduras he took.

    Vote Winston!!

  5. It would be helpful to see travel related costs of other administrations to use as a comparison to this. Just putting a large number out there like this with nothing to compare it to can easily cause confusion and make the amount seem unusually large..

    Can we get some of the numbers spent by other politicians in Cayman when they were in charge..?

  6. NJ2Cay – When Charles Clifford was Tourism Minister he spent 200K on travel but that figure covered travelling expenses for all tourism ministry staff over the full four year term. Hope that clears it up for you.

  7. This is such a ridiculous non-issue.

    I’m so tried of these childish petty politics.

    He’s the leader of a country! Granted that we are not on the scale of the US, but Obama spends 100K _a day_ just on a hotel fee (Martha’s Vineyard) for _vacation_.

    What’s should the budget for the Premier of the Cayman Islands? 100.00 a day at a Holiday Inn Express?

    I would presume some of those trips had to be for business development and to do what leaders of countries do? 350K for the year and you criticize this guy really?? I don’t care what party or non-party you’re with, this complaint is idiotic. I expect ANY leader to travel to other countries and shake some hands, and not only that, I expect them to do it in high class. We are the Cayman Islands, not Haiti. If that happens to be a perk as well BIG DEAL!

    If you’re gonna bicker, do it for some substantial reason like policy. If you have a disagreement with Bush or you don’t want to vote for him for some real reason, fine. But not this infantile BS that always continues to happen no matter who’s in charge.

  8. Want to put an end to government wasteful spending? Every expenditure of the peoples’ money is posted online for all to see. Government is not a private corporation. Government is representatives of the people doing the peoples’ business. Exposed to the light of public scrutiny, government largess has no defense.

  9. You have GOT to be kidding me..For a country the size of a small town of less than 50,000 people, to spend that amount on Travel for One Person (and their companions), over a 12-24 month period is unbelieveable! I don’t live on Cayman, but if I did and later found out the people representing me were spending this kind of money on elaborate travel, with the issues going on in Cayman right now (lets see – Crime, Poverty, Problems with the prision, health care, fuel costs and the dump) I would be up in arms! For all of those who keep talking about how great Premier Bush was and all he DID for the Country! you better wake up and smell the pile of *rap you are basking in. Nothing but abuse of his political power and corruption at the highest level. Oh yeah, and by the way, who was approving all these trips anyhow? No red flags going up on that end either? What a joke!

  10. AJ – politicians wasting public funds on themselves is always an important issue but even more important when the same politicians say the country is broke and they cannot point to any tangible benefits from their travels. Our political leaders cannot be calling on civil servants to take pay cuts, and perhaps not get paid at all, while they lavish luxuries upon themselves. You seem to be saying that they should have carte blanche to spend as they please.

  11. @Speaker:

    I not suggesting Carte Blanche, nor do I think anyone in their right mind would suggest a just a blank cheque for traveling, but 350K? That’s really nothing. I’m not rich by any means and I managed to spend almost 65K in one year going to 3 trips to Europe for pleasure and I didn’t have a palace stay *at all*. Here’s is the Premier of the country and spent 350K for business trips and this is somehow a scandal? That’s just seems petty to me.

    I understand the country is in hard times, but what does that mean? the premier shouldn’t be able to travel as much, to develop business relationships etc, or if he does it should be in economy flights and cheap hotels? Come on, that’s absurd, would be just plain political posturing.

    The country is broke for much greater reasons and amounts than 350K for traveling. 350K is nothing to the near 1 billion in debt.

    This is not to say that’s its OK to throw away 350K, but a premier looking to develop ties overseas isn’t thrown away or any sort of scandal in my view. Perhaps you can argue that you don’t believe he’s done that, but THAT should be the argument, not the 350K.

    This is a BS non-issue.

  12. AJ – If you are not suggesting carte blanche what limits and controls are you suggesting? 350K over the course of 12 months is ridiculous, especially if you have nothing to show for it. There should be a cost-benefit analysis on these trips to avoid junkets at public expense.

    If you had 3 European vacations over the course of a year costing 65K then you are either wealthy or you have mindlessly indebted yourself. I consider myself middle class and certainly could not afford that.

    Pointing to the level of our debt (which you have exaggerated)only makes the case worse since the same politicians are increasing the level of that debt.

  13. That was one great shot though, the photographer caught a beam me up Scotty and an Alice in wonderland. video backtracking and freeze frame to capture the moment I bet. Not to take away, good snap shot.

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