Crutchley drives others to chip in

A solid crowd turned out to honour the memory of a Special Olympics Cayman Islands legend. 

Dozens of golfers stormed the North Sound Golf Club for the second annual Eric Crutchley Memorial Golf Tournament. The competition was in memory of Crutchley, a SOCI supporter who passed away two years ago. 

His widow, Cynthia ‘Cindy’ Crutchley, was present for the event and states she was touched by the public support. 

“I felt very humbled and very proud of him that people would honour him like this,” Crutchley said. “Special Olympics was a passion and a love, he loved the athletes. He would be so proud of all of them for all hard work they’ve done. 

“I hope this carries on and everyone has the same love for Special Olympics and Special Olympic athletes that Eric had. It’s so important to love what you’re doing from the heart.” 

Cindy, 72, keeps the Crutchley family linked to Special Olympics alongside sons Jonathan, 35 and Michael, 36. 

Last Friday’s event attracted 31 teams consisting of four golfers, which saw businessmen like Tony Crescente rubbing shoulders with star local players like Samantha Widmer. 

Governor Duncan Taylor served as the tournament patron, joining Cayman National Bank Executive Vice President Brian Esau and SOCI chairman Nick Freeland for the ceremonial tee off. 

Private sector support was on display with Aon showcasing a car at one of the holes, the Red Cross setting up a information booth and CNB staging a putting challenge with a brand-new putter as the prize. 

A raffle and other competitions were on offer. In all, about $40,000 was raised with those tournament proceeds being used to fund the training and participation of Cayman’s Special Olympic athletes in local and international events. 


Mrs Crutchley