New registrations add 664 voters

Voters list comes out 29 January for final checking

The extension of voter registration until midnight on Tuesday resulted in 664 people being added to the number who will be able to vote in the May 
general elections. 

This informal count could bring the total number of voters to more than 18,800 on 1 April. That is the publication date for the official Register of Electors that will be in force on the date of the elections. 

The number of voters for the 2012 “one man, one vote” referendum was 15,161, which means more than 3,600 voters have been added to the list since then. A little more than 3,000 had registered before the original deadline of 2 January. 

The Legislative Assembly then passed a government motion asking Governor Duncan Taylor to extend the registration period. He issued the order on Monday, 14 January, but decided to limit the registration period to 22 January because he did not want the date for the Register of Electors to slip from 1 April. 

Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez urged all interested parties to check the voters list that comes out on 29 January, so that claims or objections can be made in good time. Lists will be posted in supermarkets, gas stations, public libraries, post offices and other government buildings. It will also be available for inspection at the Elections Office at the Smith Road Centre and online at 

The new date to file a claim or objection is 20 February. The last day for settling claims and objections is 12 March. 

Mr. Gomez also confirmed that the increased number of voters will mean setting up additional polling stations.  

Applications to register started slowly last week, with 167 people attending the Elections Office in Grand Cayman through Saturday. Ninety people registered on Monday and 382 came on Tuesday between 8.30am and midnight. 

In Cayman Brac, five people registered through Saturday, two on Monday and 18 on Tuesday. 

Deputy Supervisor of Elections Orrett Connor said he observed a continuous flow of registrants in Grand Cayman throughout the day, with no logjams and no dry spells. His personal impression was that many of the last-day people were the real procrastinators or those who had been nudged by someone to register. 


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