Party platters make football entertaining super easy

Even if sophisticated entertaining at home isn’t your strong point, hosting a Super Bowl party is something absolutely anyone can carry off.

The focus of the party is the game after all (or the advertisements, depending on your point of view) and as long as there is plenty of easy-to-eat food and cold beer, your job as host is done.

And if your culinary skills aren’t quite up to it, you don’t even need to make the food – just order in some party platters from your local supermarket, put the drinks on ice, take a deep breath, and … relax.

Casual entertaining with lots of finger foods and a wide variety of small bits is what it’s all about on Super Bowl Sunday.

All told, the game lasts for about four hours and no one wants to sit down to a formal meal while it’s on. It’s more of a ‘grazing’ occasion – no cutlery or chinaware required.

“Our most popular items for Super Bowl Sunday are hot wings, shrimp trays, cold cut trays for sandwiches, and our par-baked pizzas,” says Scot Kristal of Hurley’s Marketplace.

If that’s not to your taste, Hurley’s has a choice of over 70 different party trays, freshly prepared dips and ready to heat appetisers.

Kirk Supermarket also lists party platter options on its website, with choices including cheese and crackers, vegetable platters with dips, cold meats, chicken drummettes and a variety of ready-made sandwiches, wraps and baguettes.

For the bargain hunters, be advised that Kirk Supermarket is offering a 10 per cent discount on meatball and chicken drumettes platters.

At Foster’s the choices include many of the above as well as some less traditional Super Bowl bites, such as sushi and fruit platters. Full listings are available online.

Super Bowl spreads are not typically the most nutritious, healthy foods, but Mr. Kristal advises offering a few fresher alternatives, like vegetable sticks and salads, or fruit platters for a bit of balance.

Not sure how much to order? Foster’s Food Fair makes it easy by putting together platters in different sizes, according the number of servings you want: a small platter contains 10-12 servings, a medium is 16-18 and a large is 22-25.

Wherever you choose to order your party platters, you’ll need to provide at least 24 hours notice on orders – but don’t forget they are closed on Sunday so you will need to place your order by Friday, 1st February, and collect it on the Saturday.