Bodden Town graveyard

As we all know, for many, many years now many of our graveyards are getting full because a lot of our people are dying off all over Cayman. I write today about the graveyard in Bodden Town, one of the oldest graveyards in Grand Cayman.

At this time it has no more space in it to bury our dead and it does not look as if those elected to office see fit to buy more land in order for us to have a new graveyard in Bodden Town.

Where shall we put our loved ones that depart from us and need a resting place if we do not put in place now the proper graveyard. Our elected members may not think about this. Some of them might even think that they themselves might die and their loved ones might not need a graveyard to put them in.

Well, let me wake all of them up for as sure as you were born, it is also sure that one day you shall die. So to all of you that are there as members of government in any way, instead of more playgrounds in Cayman, please let us buy some land now for a new graveyard in Bodden Town. Too many years have gone by with the people of the first capital being left out.

Most of the elected members of our government that come from Bodden Town are doing very little to upgrade Bodden Town. They sit back and collect fat pay checks and agree with all the other members to get things done for their districts, but when it comes to our town, the only thing they can really agree for us to have is a dump and a few beach shacks on Coe Wood Beach.

Well, all you sell outs in government, all you wasters of the people and all of you that are against good things coming to our town, get up off your butts and help to bring some good to Bodden Town and help to put in place a new graveyard in Bodden Town.

One of the locations that I see the new graveyard can be placed in that is now up for sale is between Mr. Perterkin Kelly’s property and the large house next to the old graveyard in Pease Bay. Do not wait any longer to get that new graveyard in place for the people need it now. If we had the right people in government, especially in our Bodden Town, I would not be writing this.

Look at what we foolishly spend hundreds of thousands on; lavish trips that do not make sense, gala parties, boxing matches, cars, trucks and so many unwise things, but you never spend money on new graveyards.

So here we are in 2012 with a graveyard that is full and as far as I know, no new one is in place for the dead of Bodden Town.

So to all that want to be elected in the next election, if these that we have now as elected members have not secured a new graveyard, please make this a great part of your campaign.

Emile S. Levy


  1. There is no reason at all to waste so much of the Government’s money aquiring this land, which is prime real estate. Put it inland — perhaps by Belford States area. To put it in prime locations is ludicrous — can’t believe you are even contemplating this. Use the money to finish the schools or to improve infrastructure — something all of us alive would benefit from. Doesn’t have to be beach land, could be any inland site. It won’t cost a fraction of this. Also, if there is another major hurricane, we won’t end up with coffins on the street.

  2. Put the Grave yard in-land by Belford Estates. Spoiler, I believe those people in that area are now complaining about having a Dump in their back yard, why would you think they are going to enjoy duppies walking about al night. I doubt it.

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