Election to dominate dialogue in 2013

I’m proud to be serving the Chamber of Commerce as its new president and I sincerely thank the Council and the membership for placing their trust and confidence in my abilities by electing me to lead the organisation through this pivotal election year.

As the first son of a past president to become president of the Chamber, I am honoured to be following in the footsteps of my father, the late Nick Duggan, who served as Chamber president from 1985-1987. He was a man who I had the utmost respect for and I intend to lead the Chamber this year with the same vigour and enthusiasm that he did from 1985-1987.

2013 will undoubtedly be a landmark year for the Cayman Islands and will be a year where decision making should dominate headlines and have a lasting positive impact on the direction of our country.

Many decisions, some long overdue, must be made this year to move our country forward, and I commit that the Chamber of Commerce will do its part to push for these important decisions to be made and to ensure that the decisions made are all in the best interests of both our membership and the community as a whole.

Without a doubt the single most important decision for our country will be made on Wednesday, 22 May, 2013, when we go to the polls in what has become one of the most highly anticipated general elections in our history.

Ultimately the decision on who we send to the Legislative Assembly on 22 May will chart a new course for our country, and the Chamber will be very active in the months leading up to Election Day educating the electorate on where each candidate stands on all the important issues and ensuring that our members have their voices heard on all of these key issues.

We will again host candidates’ forums in each of the electoral districts where all candidates will be invited to participate and provide their answers to some of the tough questions and issues that face our country today.

These forums will also provide an ideal opportunity for candidates to speak on the matters that they will be pushing forward should they be elected.

Prior to these forums we will be conducting a membership survey to identify the top issues that matter most to the electorate and we will be addressing these issues with each of the candidates to ensure that the electorate is fully versed with where each candidate stands on them.

I am pleased to see that there will be a record number of registered voters eligible to vote in this historic election and I encourage all those eligible to get out, go to the polls and exercise your democratic right to vote.

Seize the opportunity and accept the responsibility that we all have to vote for those who we feel will best represent us and our country in the Legislative Assembly.

The result of this election will impact all of our lives for many years to come and I look forward to seeing you all at the polls on 22 May, 2013.