New plans to reform workforce development

Developing talent is one of the five main drivers for Cayman’s future success, as identified in the Future of Cayman Strategic Report.

As the key organisation representing businesses in the Cayman Islands, the Chamber places considerable emphasis on nurturing home grown talent and ensuring young Caymanians have as many opportunities as possible open to them to help them succeed in their chosen careers.

Our youth is, after all, our future. Local talent, in general, needs to be carefully looked after to ensure growth and development of staff; staff will derive far greater job satisfaction and businesses will only reap the benefits.

Workforce development, therefore, features in this issue with informative articles and fresh perspective on how we need to deal with the challenge of creating a local workforce able to take on the demands of Cayman’s highly skilled business environment.

It is significant to note that transformations are under way to better address such topical workforce-related issues as the management of workforce development and labour and pensions reform. These are all issues that need much discussion and input from the business community to ensure that we create a thriving business environment for all.

The response from the membership for the annual Careers, Education, Training and Jobs Expo, which will take place in early February, has been encouraging.

In particular, all major industry sectors will be represented, which means a far broader appeal to our youth. Major sponsors and supporters have embraced the event and will be making a sincere effort to share career and employment opportunities with students and school leavers.

Schools and colleges that educate young people who are about to embark on a career or further studies should encourage their students to attend as the Expo will provide them with a great opportunity, not only to become more aware of jobs on offer, but it also allows them to begin to forge relationships with the business community that will undoubtedly stand them in good stead on their future career path.

During these tough economic times everyone can use assistance when it comes to the cost of education. At the Expo the Chamber we will be featuring the new scholarship website, which is a comprehensive guide to all scholarships offered by both the public and private sectors on-island.

It should be noted however that the Expo is not solely designed to benefit students and school leavers. Caymanians who are seeking employment, a career change or higher educational and training opportunities are encouraged to attend.

This is your chance to get connected and to learn about the numerous job and training opportunities that exist, so don’t miss it!