Rotary’s senior citizens party lifts spirits during holidays

The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman held its annual Senior Citizens Christmas Party on 26 December at the First Baptist Church Hall in Grand Cayman. 

Some 300 senior citizens and family members attended the exciting function, which was opened to the public from 3pm. Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor and his wife, Marie-Beatrice, also attended.  

There was a lot of food served including ham, turkey, salads, beverages and cakes. The majority of the items were donated or the organisation received deductions on the food items.  

Although several seniors participated in the entertainment segment, 10 prizes were awarded in the following categories: 

Oldest Lady: Huldah Ebanks (who at 95 years old was the most senior citizen present); 

Oldest Gentleman: Evert Ebanks, 92 years; 

Couple Present that has been Married the Longest: Evert & Edith Ebanks, 63 years; 

Mother of the Most Children: Florient Ebanks, who had 15 children; 

Best dancers: Female: Edna Smith; 

Best dancer: Male: Leonard Scott; 

Best Male Entertainer: Rupert Ackermon, who sang a song; 

Best Female Entertainer: Lera Parchment, who recited a poem. 


Special prizes were awarded to: 

Special Effort and Entertainment: Ramona Dixon, who although assigned to a wheelchair made a special effort in singing and dancing; 

Most creative hat: Myrtle Thomas. The hat was decorated with a fresh orchid and other fresh flowers and thatch. 


Other Notable Entertainers: 

Carlotha Ebanks, who read a poem; 

Arlene Williams, recited a poem; 

Carol Johnson & Betty Powell, who sang.