The Truman Bodden Law School of the Cayman Islands

The Truman Bodden Law School of the Cayman Islands (TBLS) invites applications for enrolment on the University of Liverpool’s LL.B (Honours) Degree programme (full and part time) and the University of Liverpool’s LL.M Degree (part time) for the academic year commencing September 2013.

Why Attend the Truman Bodden Law School?

In 2002 TBLS (then CILS) was awarded Qualifying Law Degree status by the English Bar Council and the English Law Society. It is one of the very few tertiary legal education providers in the Caribbean to be ascribed this recognition. Such recognition ensures that all TBLS LL.B. graduates are eligible to pursue postgraduate professional training in the UK.

The TBLS is very probably the only institution in the Caribbean offering an English LL.B qualification (the award of the University of Liverpool) as an internal programme of study.

All Full-time lecturers at TBLS enjoy Recognized Law Teacher Status of the University of Liverpool. Such status is awarded in recognition of each individual full-time lecturer’s extensive law teaching experience at degree level.

In September 2013 TBLS intends to introduce a new LL.M Degree in International Finance: Law and Regulation. This postgraduate degree will also be the award of the University of Liverpool.
All undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered at TBLS are externally moderated and assessed by external examiners appointed for this purpose.

This process ensures that the quality of the legal education offered at the TBLS is equivalent to that offered by other UK Law Schools.

The LL.B Degree (full and part-time) is the award of the University of Liverpool, as the proposed LL.M degree will be. The Liverpool Law School has been in existence for over 100 years.

The University of Liverpool degrees obtained through TBLS are internationally recognized to the same extent as any such degrees obtained from any respected UK University.

The content of all courses is within the control of the TBLS Course Leader.

Lecture and tutorial groups are small, thereby enhancing the teaching and learning environment.

The TBLS LL.B degree is an undergraduate qualification meaning that you can study for it without the need to firstly obtain a Bachelors degree.

In September 2012 the TBLS celebrated its 30 year anniversary. TBLS is a Department within the Legal Portfolio and falls under the overall responsibility of the Attorney General.

For more info
:    (345) 945-0077
E:    Lovisa.vernon–[email protected]

The Truman Bodden Law School is an affiliated institution of the University of Liverpool, UK.

TBLS Degrees are the awards of the University of Liverpool, UK, to which TBLS is affiliated.

Application forms may be collected from the Truman Bodden Law School,
2nd Floor former CIBC Building,
Edward Street,
George Town.

The closing date for the receipt of all applications for the 2013-2014 academic year is Friday, June 8th 2013.