Premier defends London lobbyist

The Cayman Islands is getting “value for money” from its $19,500-per-month contract with London lobbyist Lord Blencathra and his consultancy firm, Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly has said. 

The premier, who met with the British peer in London last week, said during a news conference Thursday in Grand Cayman that David Maclean, a Conservative member of parliament in the United Kingdom who is addressed as Lord Blencathra, had the capacity to “open doors” that could benefit the British Overseas Territory. 

She had previously spoken of the need for the Cayman Islands government to arrange a conference in the British capital to get the message out that the Cayman Islands was a good place to do business. But she insisted this was not a reflection on the work being done by Lord Blencathra and the London office. 

“I left London being extremely impressed that we were getting value for money,” she said. 

“He has that capacity to open doors which I haven’t seen anyone, perhaps since [former Cayman Islands] Governor [Thomas] Russell, has been able to open in the UK.” 

Ms O’Connor-Connolly accepted there could be savings made in the London office.  

But she added: “Expense is relative. If we don’t get out there knock on doors, open doors that are icy to Cayman and try to sensitise them and warm them so we can have an open reception, then I believe that history will record a deficit in our expectations and our 
commitment to put country first.” 


  1. What a poor decision on temporary Premier Ms O’Connor-Connolly to waste tax payers money for this stupid trip. In five months our country will have a new Premier and it will be this new governments job to iron out UK relations. Who is going to listen to a short term politician. She is not getting my vote nor anybody else that went on this trip.

  2. thanks for the thumbs down, Juliana!

    Yes, it is from wikipedia, but still…’MacLean was one of 98 MPs who voted to keep their expense details secret’. Birds of a feather eh?!?!

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