Voter numbers up in all districts

George Town is largest, with 7,457 registered voters

The Register of Electors published on Tuesday shows that the Cayman Islands has 18,556 voters, with increases in all six 
electoral districts. 

North Side has 602 voters, up from 571 for the 2009 elections. 

East End has 647 voters, up 
from 599. 

Bodden Town increased by more than 1,000 – from 3,481 in 
2009 to 4,567. 

West Bay had 3,762 voters in 2009; the new total is 4,237. 

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman show an increase from 980 to 1,046. 

George Town has the largest increase and the largest total – from 5,968 in 2009 to 7,457. Overall, there are 3,195 more voters than there were before the new Cayman Islands Constitution came into effect. 

If there are no claims or objections, this is the list that will become official on 1 April and be in force at the time of the general elections in May. 

The Elections Office has posted district voter lists throughout the three Cayman Islands at supermarkets, gas stations, post offices, public libraries and other government buildings. A master list of all districts can be inspected at the Elections Office in the Smith Road Centre in George Town and online at  


Master lists are also in the districts: 

West Bay – Foster’s Food Fair Republix. 

George Town – George Town Post Office, Airport Post Office, George Town Hospital, Government Administration Building, Hurley’s Supermarket, Foster’s Food Fair (Airport and Strand), Jose’s Service Centre, Walkers Road Texaco, A.L. Thompson’s Home Depot, SMB Post Office, CICSA CO-OP Credit Union. 

Bodden Town – Lorna’s Texaco, Foster’s Food Fair (Countryside). 

North Side – Post Office. 

East End – Foster’s Food Fair. 

Cayman Brac – with Ellen Lazzari at Brac Executive Services. 

Anyone who believes his or her name has been omitted or wrongly stated in the voters list should notify the registering officer for the district in which he or she was resident on registration day. 

Any voter on the list who objects to any other name on the basis that the person is not entitled to be so listed should also notify the district registering officer and state the reason for the objection. 

Forms for doing so may be downloaded from the Elections Office website or collected from the office in person. Official forms will also be available at post offices shortly. Wednesday, 20 February, is the last day to file any claim or objection. 

Registering officers are:  

West Bay, Darlene Owens-Elliott 

George Town, Kathryn Myles 

Bodden Town, Kerry Nixon 

East End, Leisa Velonie Welcome 

North Side, Patricia Ebanks 

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, Ellen Lazzari