Frankie’s troops topple Filipinos

Some of the Cayman Islands’ top darts players started 2013 on a positive note.

Locals topped their Filipino counterparts 10-7 in the latest instalment of the ongoing Cayman versus Team Philippines monthly competition. The contest took place at the Mango Tree.

Spearheading the challenge is Cayman Islands Darts Association Vice President Frank Martyr, who said locals have stepped up.

“As I said before, Cayman came out and was prepared to play to change the results of the last three months,” Martyr said. “We intend to continue on that path for the rest of the year.

“We have some really good Filipino players here but we have some good local players also,” he added.

The competition had been one-sided to this point, with Filipino players winning on three straight occasions by scores of 9-8, 10-7 and 11-6. After the last round of games this month, the association statistics show a number of players have excelled.

Leading the Filipino charge is Buena Valle, who is 4-0 with 12 points and three tons. Rosyl Deguzman is also unbeaten at 3-0, 11 points, four tons and a 140 score. Eugene Deguzman still has the best low darts finish at 17 and now has the most tons among Filipino players with 14.

Cayman continues to rely on Earl Smith, who is 4-0 with a league-best 13 points, 29 tons, and a high finish of 101 as well as a perfect score of 180. Eddie Ballantyne also posted 180, along with Filipino star Rodan Asuncion. Darts association president Paul Anglin remains unbeaten at 3-0 with seven points, three tons and a 140 score.

The competition is being used as a precursor to international tournaments, such as the Caribbean Championships. Cayman is eager to improve on a disappointing seventh place finish last year in Belize.

Matches take place at the end of each month with the next contest slated for Saturday, 23 February, at 7pm. Martyr said Cayman has the talent to excel in the future.

“We have players like Hank Ebanks and John Nixon who’s back on top of their games, after injuries, together with Michelle Terry and Miriam Rodriguez (on the women’s side),” he said. “The coming months will see more Cayman players coming out to support and participate in the sport.”

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