No new confirmed dengue cases

In its latest update on dengue fever in the Cayman Islands, the Public Health Department reports no new confirmed cases, although 15 suspected cases remain under investigation.

Since September last year, when the first local case was reported, laboratory tests have confirmed that 36 people have been infected with the virus. Twelve of those are considered to have picked up the virus while travelling, while the other 24 contracted dengue locally.

In its latest update, released Friday afternoon, 1 February, but containing information as of 26 January, the Public Health Department revealed that three of the 15 people suspected of having dengue have been admitted to hospital since its last update on 19 January.

None of the 15 have a travel history to other countries where dengue is endemic. Seven are residents of West Bay, five from George Town and three from Bodden Town.

Six results of suspected cases were received between 19 and 26 January and all were negative, according to the Public Health Department.

Since September 2012, 96 cases have been investigated. This is done by sending samples to the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre in Trinidad.

Of those 96 cases, 36 were positive, 56 negative and four inconclusive. The results of 21 are still pending.

The overall distribution of the confirmed cases contracted locally are as follows: 20 in West Bay, two in George Town and two in Bodden Town.

The dengue virus is spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito.