Online poll: Dengue fever not a big worry yet

Only about 35 per cent of the respondents to last week’s online poll are taking any more precautions against contracting dengue fever even though the mosquito-borne disease is now considered endemic to the Cayman Islands. 

According to statistics released by the Cayman Islands Public Health Department, 36 residents of the Cayman Islands have contracted dengue fever since last September. Although 12 of those people had travelled to countries where dengue is endemic and it is thought they contracted the disease off-island, the other 24 people contracted the disease in Grand Cayman, with the majority being residents of West Bay.  

Other confirmed cases have been identified in residents of George Town and Bodden Town.  

Of the 310 respondents, 160 people – 51.6 per cent – said they take about the same amount of precautions against contracting dengue fever as they did before.  

“I am not too concerned, so I don’t do anything differently,” said one person. 

“Mosquito planes need to get ungrounded because of their poor maintenance and back in the air,” said someone else. 

“It’s all because they want to move West Bay Road into the swamp,” commented another person.  

Sixty people – 19.3 per cent – said they take a lot more precautions than previously. 

“This is a serious matter, not dismissing the cholera outbreak in Cuba where we have flights to and from,” said one person. 

Another 51 people – 16.5 per cent – said they take a little more precautions 
than previously.  

“I try to stay out of West Bay as much as possible,” said one respondent. 

Thirty people – 9.7 per cent – responded “What’s dengue fever” to the question and nine people – 2.9 per cent – said “other” to the question. Most of those people said “none”. 

“I don’t do nothing,” said one person. “I don’t 
live in West Bay.” 

“How would you even take precaution against it?” asked someone else. 

“Nothing much can be done,” said another person. 


Next week’s poll question 

How often do you eat turtle meat? 


Once in a while 


I used to, but no longer 


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