Your new furry friend: Shadow wants to be loved

Shadow is hoping to find a special person to give her a loving home or foster home while she waits for her forever home. She can’t walk very well and is blind, which seems sad, but Shadow isn’t sad at all, she is friendly and so happy to be alive, they say blind dogs see with their heart which Shadow does. 

Shadow was hit by a car and suffered dislocated hip joints which she never received treatment for so she healed by herself which has left her back legs uncoordinated. She has strong front legs and is able to wander around and get where she wants to go without assistance. 

Shadow is such an angel and has had her share of bad times and would love to find her special someone. She’s five years old and gets on great with other dogs, she is quiet and house trained. She doesn’t need to be walked very much, she just wants a comfy bed and someone to say they love her everyday, they will be rewarded with tail wags and a loving and loyal companion.  

Shadow has never felt the love of her own family. Could you help her feel loved for the first time? 

Please contact the shelter to arrange to meet her on 949 1461 or e-mail [email protected] Shelter Hours are on Monday through Friday: 11am to 5pm; and Saturdays from 9am to 4pm.