Saagar Kadiyala first Caymanian marine surveyor

As the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry celebrates its 110th anniversary, the organisation also welcomes Saagar Kadiyala to the position of qualified marine surveyor. 

Mr. Kadiyala first joined the Shipping Registry in 2009 as a trainee surveyor, and late last year he completed the surveyor training programme, officially elevating him as the first qualified Caymanian marine surveyor.  

“The sea has always been a large part of my life,” Mr. Saagar said. “I feel fortunate to be able to take my engineering degree and my love of the sea and large ships to build my career right here at home.” 

Mr. Kadiyala earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Kettering University in Michigan. With the assistance of a government scholarship, he also attended postgraduate courses in naval architecture and marine engineering at the University of Michigan. 

After completing his formal studies, Mr. Kadiyala began a modularised training programme with the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands, parent organisation of the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry, which was designed to ensure competence in key survey functions, including marine engineering, nautical technology, naval architecture and vessel surveys.  

During the training, Mr. Kadiyala accompanied qualified surveyors on numerous surveys and inspections around the southern United States and the Caribbean.  

Joel Walton, CEO of the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands, congratulated Mr. Kadiyala on his accomplishments and his recent promotion. 

“It is heart-warming to see young Caymanians fulfil their career aspirations and at the same time be of service to their country,” Mr. Walton said. “Saagar’s case is proof that when it comes to opportunities in the Cayman Islands, the sky is the limit.”  

As a government marine surveyor, Mr. Kadiyala will be responsible for performing surveys on vessels seeking registration in the Cayman Islands. He also will be conducting statutory surveys on ships, yachts and other marine vessels to verify and enforce safety standards; ensure compliance with national and international rules and regulations.  

This includes conducting port state control for foreign-going vessels arriving into the jurisdiction. He will also be in contact with Cayman Islands Shipping Registry clients, answering their questions on technical and regulatory issues. He would also be called upon to offer expert witness in the event of a marine accident.  

The Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands is responsible for pleasure yacht and commercial shipping vessel registration; provision of surveys and certification to Cayman-registered vessels globally and to “new builds”, irrespective of flag; provision of construction supervision of new builds; ensuring crew compliance on Cayman-registered vessels; implementing marine pollution prevention; maritime safety and security; and development of national maritime policy formation. 


  1. Excellent story of how hard work and determination can pay off.. Kudos to you Saagar, what a great example to young people everywhere that with hard work, dedication and commitment to your cause you can reach your goals no matter what obstacles life may put in your way..

  2. To those of you who disagree to this story all I can say is that misery loves company. Seems like this young man worked hard to get where is and is going, he deserves praise for that as anyone who does the same should. Young people do not let haters and the people who want to see you fail discourage you, keep your eyes on the prize. Always remember that the people who didn’t do what it took to make it and failed in life want to see you fail as well just look at these folks and gain strength from their negativity.

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